Goldman Sachs European Central Bank will cut interest rates in March, the scale of QE will

Goldman Sachs: the European Central Bank will cut interest rates in March will also expand the scale of QE Huitong news network February 26th – Goldman Sachs analyst schuma (Dirk Schumacher) was that the euro zone economy index is weak, inflation is still not satisfactory, the macro economy faces a sharp decline, the monetary policy committee members: dovish views. All this changed their expectations for the ECB meeting in March 10th. Goldman Sachs said, now, we expect the European silver will introduce new easing policy, including increasing the monthly asset purchase scale, reduce deposit interest rates. Goldman Sachs still expects the ECB to reduce its deposit rate by 10 basis points to -0.4%. But the agency also expects that Europe will at least announce the introduction of a fractional interest rate system for the excess reserve requirements of the central bank in the future. In the agency’s view, this is to further cut interest rates for the future, or to take other measures to expand space. However, many members of the policy committee have reservations about this, and argue that it is too radical. As for the asset purchase plan, Goldman Sachs expects the scale to be raised from 60 billion euros to 70 billion euros. However, there are doubts about whether Germany has enough bonds to meet this scale, so Goldman does not think Europe will do it immediately. The time of extending the debt purchase scale will be postponed from March 2017 to September 2017." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

高盛:欧洲央行3月将下调利率 QE规模还将扩大   汇通网2月26日讯——高盛分析师舒马吓(Dirk Schumacher)认为,欧元区经济指标表现疲弱,通胀依旧不尽如人意,宏观经济前景面临大幅下调,货币政策委员会多名成员发表鸽派观点。这一切让他们改变了对3月10日欧洲央行会议的预期。   高盛表示,现在,我们预期欧银将会出台新的宽松政策,包括增加月度资产购买规模,降低存款利率。   高盛依旧预期,欧洲央行届时会把存款利率再下调10个基点到-0.4%。但该机构也预计,欧银至少会宣布未来将引入针对央行超额存款准备金的分级利率系统。在该机构看来,这是为未来进一步下调利率,或采取其他措施拓展空间。   不过,不少政策委员会委员对此有所保留,认为那样做过于激进。   至于资产购买计划,高盛预计规模将由此前的600亿欧元上调到700亿欧元。不过德国方面是否有足够的债券满足这一规模尚存疑问,因此,高盛不认为欧银会立即在现阶段这么做。扩大购债规模的时间将由此前预计的2017年3月延期到2017年9月。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: