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Guizhou 8 year old girl died of cornea donation   help Hubei guy to light – Hubei Channel – Wuhan 30 September, September 29th at 2:30 in the afternoon, in a Wuhan hospital surgery room, a 8 year old girl died from Guizhou terminally ill precious corneas, moved to Hubei Macheng 29 year old guy in the eyes. Small bright, with a girl’s dream to see the world. 10 years ago, he was caused by trauma corneal white spot 10 years ago, when he was working in Dongguan, Xia Min, aged 19 years old, was accidentally packed with iron bone injured left eye, resulting in the left eye penetrating injury combined with traumatic cataract. "In recent years, the first thing I do every day is to cover my right eye, see my left eye can not see." Xia Min said, "just woke up one day and left eye can’t see what." Because the left eye vision is not good, Xia Min has been relying on the right eye, which gave him a great deal of work and life. Coupled with concerns about their parents, their eyes are not good enough to take care of, in August this year, has 29 year old Xia Min found a hospital in Wuhan. Through the inspection, Xia min left cornea has a central oblique line is about 10mm long gray white opacity, vision only 0.09. Corneal transplantation is required, but the corneal source needs to wait. Fortunately, the only more than 1 months, Xia Min got the good news, the donor was a 8 year old girl, which makes him a heart full of thanks: Thank you for the little girl, the little girl for parents." 3 years ago, she was checking for "sponge kidney" with stones and 8 year old Tian Zhu Jun was born in Guizhou, a small bamboo was born, a pair of big eyes, long eyelashes very cute and small bamboo parents with love. But in 2013 the small bamboo parents because of emotional problems, divorced. The news did not end, small bamboo from little is relatively small, that genetic problems, until 2013, small bamboo always call him little pain, Zhu Jun’s mother Yang Haiyan realized that small bamboo body is a problem. Later the little bamboo in Guizhou hospital, was diagnosed with kidney stones with "sponge kidney", through a period of treatment of "stone", originally thought the small bamboo will be getting better and better, but did not expect that, at the beginning of 15, small bamboo deterioration, but also because of skeletal nephropathy effect of development stops and suffering from rickets, only through renal replacement therapy. But in the face of 600 thousand of the cost of treatment Yang Haiyan unable to support. Fortunately, in June 16, in the understanding of small bamboo story after the community of caring people have donated. In July 16, to raise part of the cost of Yang Haiyan quickly with a small bamboo rushed to Shanghai for treatment, then the inspection results of medullary sponge kidney with mixed pneumonia, renal tubular acidosis and other symptoms, multiple organs have been damaged, there is always a danger. Many hospitals have advised Yang Haiyan to bring her daughter home. "Mother, please take me home, I want to fulfill my wish." At the end of July, the small bamboo back to the place where she was born. Now, he will continue to see the world for her daughter was ill considered by all walks of life care and help, Yang Haiyan decided)相关的主题文章: