Guoxin strategy a current no wars overseas market undercurrent

Guoxin strategy: the current A shares no troubles overseas market simmering sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money from WeChat public number: Guoxin strategy of domestic macro economy stable, market regulation structure, the total amount of the policy difficult to tighten, limited impact the A shares overseas; but the storm continued, devaluation pressure still need to be vigilant, and the global market for liquidity in marginal changes become extremely sensitive. Although September A shares closed lower on line, but we believe that the current A shares no worries". First, the economy is not as bad as expected, high-frequency data show that the economy is expected to stabilize short-term. Secondly, although the National Day holiday nearly 20 city introduction of market regulation policy, but the overall tone is still "one policy" and the early suppression of prices rising too fast, in the context of the total inventory to difficult to tighten monetary policy, a limited impact on the A shares. But the undercurrent of concern overseas. The first National Day holiday overseas controversy, such as the British Prime Minister clear back in Europe start time triggered Sterling devaluation again, deutsche bank crisis exposed the European banking sector is still problematic. Second, despite the September U.S. payrolls data than expected, but the market is expected to increase in December rose to about 70%, regardless of the future interest rate hike is expected to impact or risk factors lead to the rise in the dollar index will bring pressure to devalue the rmb. In addition, whether it is at the beginning of September because of hawkish speech caused by U.S. stocks fell last week for Peng Bo or reported the ECB may cut market volatility caused by QE is reflected in the current market for liquidity in marginal changes to be particularly sensitive to changes in the global, the expected easing concern. Overall, we still remain rangebound structure judgment, the configuration on the one hand, performance is king, for 16 years of earnings in the second half is expected to continue to improve the high economic sub sectors, such as heavy truck, part of the price of chemicals, such as electronic components; on the other hand, to strengthen the regulation in real estate, infrastructure will continue to force the economic underpinning recommended, benefit from the steady growth in infrastructure construction, and promote PPP gardens, environmental protection, rail and other leading industries. Golden week has become a regulatory week, nearly 20 hot cities have introduced the purchase of the property market limit credit policy. During the National Day holiday, nearly 20 hot city introduction of market credit limit restriction policy, which we view as follows: first, the main control measures is to deal with a number of pre hot second tier city house prices rose too fast, and the end of July, the Central Political Bureau meeting proposed "tone suppression asset bubble agreement. Secondly, in the context of inventory, the total policy will not shrink, monetary policy will remain stable. The three line of the city than in more than 60% in stocks accounted for, to stock is still a long way to go, so the total amount of the policy difficult to tighten. For the stock market, in terms of earnings expectations and market risk appetite has not improved significantly, the funds will not be tightened because of the real estate market regulation and return to the stock market. For the impact of the stock market, we have in the previous research report "VS stock market: not a seesaw" (2016.8.29) discussed the relationship between stock prices and house prices, I on相关的主题文章: