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Haikou " double "   inspection; leading Street Longhua District — Hainan — unannounced visits to people.com.cn channel people.com.cn people.com.cn Hainan channel in October 10, for further examination and inspection of the area of the area "management work to implement and maintain, the evening of October 9th, Haikou city Longhua district Party committee secretary Fu GE leadership area without greeting Longhua, unannounced visits to check the area of Haikou Bay, Wanlvyuan, Century Park and other crowded public places" hit ". That night, a road inspection team inspected Haikou Bay Public Leisure Square, Wanlvyuan, Century Park, environmental hygiene, public order, public toilets, the "double" tourism atmosphere situation, the overall situation is good, the environment clean and tidy, orderly and orderly, peaceful, quiet, leisurely. Check the road cleaning, in the management of public toilets etc. at the same time, the inspection team also checked the Gulf of Haikou, Wanlvyuan, Century Park, the work of creating the text, and the disorderly stall, and parked in front of three "is not in place to implement the act of corrective education. Public places in Haikou Bay, moluyuan and Century Park is crowded, but also the public key attractions for tourists to visit, is the key parts of social security and stability control, the relationship between Haikou’s image and social stability, the inspection team requirements and territorial Street Politics and Law Committee, public security, urban management, sanitation and other departments not paralysis, not relax, "double", the social order to cling to, unremittingly, create a more peaceful environment for leisure tourists. Especially at present, we must further strengthen the "creative writing" work, both hardware and software should be strengthened to improve the public sense of access and well-being. Next, Longhua will continue to take a more positive attitude, more enthusiastic, more solid style, selves, responsible for defending their territories, to defend their duties, further strengthen the promotion of the "double" work, the final victory of the "double" work resolutely seize. (Fu Wuping Liu Wei) (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu) 海口"双创"工作检查 龙华区主要领导街头暗访–人民网海南频道–人民网 人民网海南频道10月10日电 为进一步检查和检验辖区各片区“双创”工作落实和保持情况,10月9日晚,海口市龙华区委符革书记等区领导不打招呼,暗访检查了龙华区海口湾、万绿园、世纪公园等人群聚集的公共场所“双创”工作。 当晚,检查组人员一路检查了海口湾市民休闲广场、万绿园、世纪公园等地的环境卫生情况、公共秩序情况、旅游公厕情况、“双创”氛围营造情况等,整体情况良好,环境干净整洁、秩序井然有序,一派祥和、宁静、悠闲。 在检查路面保洁、公厕管理等情况的同时,检查组还仔细查看了海口湾、万绿园、世纪公园等地的创文工作,并对乱摆摊、乱停放及“门前三包”落实不到位等行为进行了教育纠正。海口湾、万绿园和世纪公园既是人群聚集的公共场所,也是市民游客游览的重点景点,更是社会安全稳控的重点部位,关系着海口的形象和社会稳定大局,检查组要求属地街道和政法委、公安、城管、环卫等部门不能麻痹,更不能松懈,“双创”工作、社会治安都要紧抓不放,常抓不懈,为市民游客营造更加平安祥和的休闲环境。特别是当前,还要进一步加强“创文”工作,无论是硬件还是软件都要加强,提高市民群众的获得感和幸福感。 下一步,龙华区将继续以更加积极的态度、更加高昂的热情、更加扎实的作风,守土有责、守土负责、守土尽责,进一步巩固提升“双创”工作成果,坚决夺取“双创”工作的最终胜利。(符武平 刘伟) (责编:吴占桂、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: