Harbin five hot companies responsible for the detailed stop hot ten hot questions sunny came home

Harbin five hot companies responsible for the detailed questions stop hot hot ten again to the heating season once a year, some birds will fly to the south in a family home, idle house need to stop hot. What should I do? How to do? When can you do it? The process of handling rejected Zezheng? Yesterday, the newspaper invited Tallahassee area, the long Tang Qunli area Veolia heating, Songbei region, Xiangfang region of the Czech Republic thermal Hatou Daoli area heating and heating Huaneng five hot companies responsible person, explain the proposed "stop hot 10", and teach you how to stop the heat. 1 my family lived in the attic, want to do can stop the heat? Answer: in accordance with the provisions of the provincial heating management regulations, the following four cases of housing, can not apply for heat. A, non heating users; B, household heating control valve in the indoor users do not have to stop using thermal control conditions; C, new buildings and existing buildings in the transformation of household heating facilities within the warranty period; D, cold mountain, bottom and top users may endanger the safe operation of adjacent household thermal safety and indoor public facilities. 2 what is the deadline for stopping the heat? Answer: five big firms have started in September 1st in advance to accept the public to stop heat. Some companies also use WeChat to inform the user or posted a notice in the district. Harbin stopped for hot period from September 20th to September 30th, the deadline for the end of the month. There are people who want to stop heating, and now it should go to the area of heat treatment. 3 oral or telephone to the district hot enterprises can apply? Answer: can not, must be written in order to avoid future disputes between the two sides. 4 for heat, the need to pay the cost? A: after the successful application of the heat, the residents still need to pay to the district heating enterprises heating infrastructure operating costs, to pay the amount of 30% of the total heat fee. 5 to stop the heat, the residents need to provide hot water to provide documents? Answer: a case, homeowners have identity cards, property cards, purchase agreement or housing tenant card to belong to heat enterprises application, the two sides signed the agreement to stop heat; another case, agents also need to provide the agent ID card and the owner commissioned by the application, the two sides signed an agreement to stop the heat. 6 application, a few days to get an answer? Answer: at present, Tallahassee Veolia after receipt of the application for 10-15 days to reply; about 7 working days in Songbei Jieneng thermal; Xiangfang Hatou heating for 10 working days; five in Huaneng branch about 7 days. 7 New District can do stop hot? Answer: if the housing for the New District, must go through two heating period to apply for heat. Old residential areas, such as the user does not apply for parking procedures, will be regarded as normal heating. 8 last year to stop hot, this year to restore heating in the country? Answer: to restore the heating users before September 30th, apply to the local geothermal enterprises, pay fees and heat. 9 to stop the heat process, the heat rate charged "broken pipe fee" reasonable? Answer: according to the city to do heating相关的主题文章: