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Harbin people staged bandit War: 4 people with a knife robbed the car chase scene police blocked public life daily news November 1st just bought a few months of second-hand car, stopped to replace snow tires on the roadside, suddenly a stranger in the car and drive off the threat of forced away. This is a thrilling incident that Mr. Dong met in the morning of October 31st in the street of Harbin. Fortunately, with the help of enthusiastic citizens and police, the car that was driven away after 20 minutes was blocked in the road. At present, two men driving Mr. Dong’s car have been controlled by the police and are being investigated. At noon that day, a reporter in Nangang District Tallahassee police door, saw Mr Tung has just been "wins" back hover off-road vehicles, the vehicle is not damaged, the Jiangsu license. Mr. Dong and his friend Mr. Yang told reporters about the process. About 10:40, Mr Tung and Mr. Yang drove to the Daoli District side street a tire repair department, ready to replace the snow tires, Mr Tung off the phone, and Mr. Yang sitting in the copilot position, but after a few minutes, suddenly came four strange men, Mr. Yang to drive off. At that time, two men knocked my copilot door, and then the other two men opened the door, one of them also took a knife, threatening me to get off, and the two phones in my hands snatched off split, I can not help but get off the car." Mr. Yang said, at this time, two men into the car immediately drove away, and the other two men sitting in another car also walked. Mr Tung said, when he found Mr. Yang down from the car, that is the repairman ready to change, did not think of Mr. Yang said that there is a man with a knife threatened him off, aware of the vehicle after the robbery, two people immediately alarm, and took a taxi to catch up in the rear. Because of the speed of the vehicle being driven away, Mr. Dong did not catch up with the news that the car was robbed by radio, and soon there were many enthusiastic citizens to provide clues. Site map, Xuefu Road, Zhengyilu bridge…… Along the way, enthusiastic drivers always help staring at the SUV, the four street intersection until Zhengyilu and University, this car was finally public, traffic police, police together encirclement, forced to stop at the roadside, two men in the car were brought back to the police Tallahassee police investigation. In the police station, the reporter saw two men left Harvard off-road vehicles, two of the people speak, they and two other men are employees of a Guarantee Corporation in Suzhou, and said the Haval SUV is the company’s vehicles, because there is no normal repayment of owner loans, so the company appointed them to take back the car two, said, "we just get your things". Mr. Dong said, he never had a debt dispute, through the formal way to buy this used car, spent more than 180 thousand, and signed a sale agreement with the original owner, because before a while out, the vehicle has not yet had time to transfer. A fat man named himself: Cui Hao, 28 years old. Another skinny man claimed to be his name: Feng Wen long, 29 years old. At present, two Suzhou men left Harvard off-road vehicles has been handed over to the police station along, the specific circumstances of the police is under investigation.

哈市上演人匪大战:4人持刀抢车 市民追警察堵 现场图   生活报11月1日讯 刚买来几个月的二手车,正停在路边更换雪地胎,突然有陌生人威胁车内人下车并把车强行开走。这是市民董先生10月31日上午在哈尔滨市一面街遭遇的惊险事。所幸在热心市民和民警的帮助下,20分钟后被开走的车就被围堵在路中。目前,开走董先生车的两名男子已经被警方控制,正在接受调查处理。当日中午,记者在南岗区哈西派出所门前,见到了董先生刚刚被“夺”回来的哈弗越野车,车辆并无损坏,是江苏牌照。车主董先生和朋友杨先生向记者讲述了事情经过。   10时40分左右,董先生和杨先生驾车来到道里区一面街一家轮胎修理部门前,准备更换雪地胎,董先生下车打电话,而杨先生坐在副驾驶位置上,可短短几分钟后,忽然来了四个陌生男子,把杨先生撵下车。“当时先有两名男子敲我副驾驶车门,随后另两名男子打开驾驶车门,其中一人还拿了一把刀,威胁我下车,还把我手里的两部手机抢走掰裂,我没有办法只好下车了。”杨先生讲,这时进入车内的两名男子立即把车开走,另两名男子坐上另一辆车也走了。   董先生讲,当时他发现杨先生从车内下来,以为是修理工准备要换胎了,没想到杨先生说是有人用刀威胁他下车,意识到车辆被抢后,两人立即报警,同时打了一辆出租车在后方追赶。由于被开走的车辆速度很快,董先生没有追上,通过广播把车辆被抢的消息传出后,很快就有许多热心市民提供线索。 现场图   文昌桥、学府路、征仪路……一路上热心驾驶员们始终帮忙盯着这辆越野车,直到征仪路和学府四道街交口,这辆车终于被市民、交警、民警共同合围,逼停在路边,车内的两名男子也被民警带回哈西派出所调查。在派出所内,记者见到了开走哈弗越野车的两名男子,两人讲,他们和其他两名男子都是苏州一家担保公司的员工,并称这辆哈弗越野车是公司的车辆,因为车主贷款后没有正常还款,所以公司委派他们前来把车取回去,两人称,“我们只是取回自己的东西”。   董先生讲,他自己从来没有过债务纠纷,是通过正规途径买的这辆二手车,花了18万多,并与原车主签订了买卖协议,因为前一阵出门,车辆还没有来得及过户。一名身材较胖的男子自称名叫:崔浩,28岁。另一名身材偏瘦的男子自称名叫:封文龙,29岁。目前,开走哈弗越野车的两名苏州男子已被移交到兆麟派出所,具体情况警方正在进一步调查。相关的主题文章: