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Harry Potter boarded the cover boy small fresh pointed face to become super Man generous face – Sohu has many famous child stars, but when it comes to about a generation star that decades of memories are numbered, I believe the play – 80’s and 90’s friends have guessed the circle will say next: "Harry Potter" the Daniel · Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe). This month, Daniel · Radcliffe boarded the Malaysia version of the men’s fashion magazine, "August Man" magazine cover 9, the old boy is now a mature man. From the first screen first, like a little angel skinny little boy captured many innocent, a lot of little girls, including the ring main screen love God, then every part is like we agreed, appeared in the cinema for its support, grew up with old boy, share happiness and bitterness in the growth of. In this process, there are a lot of fans, fans of Daniel from the third has no significant increase in the height of broken heart, many media also took him increasingly wider face joked, when people thought that Daniel never completed a "long residual No one shows any interest in the child star", but the time to he is not the same charm. Change of body volume + + abdominal crunches dumbbell weightlifting is not tall enough to join in ABS as the saying goes "thirty years before the appearance of the parents is, after thirty years old appearance is given their own", the phrase used to describe Daniel huckleberry. This year, 27 years old, he has faded away from our familiar childish, replaced by the charm of a mature man. He actively fitness, was foreign media as his body is the perfect combination of fitness and diet witness, known as the perfect body". Daniel said, he usually do sit ups, crunches and supine dumbbell weightlifting, shooting more than going to the gym, which is not only convenient and time-saving, at the same time, he stressed the importance of diet control is very tall. The image of the change in a suit to grow beards meat small sharp face into super generous face Man a good figure, and gradually mature temperament, add luster to his style. Although Daniel himself admits, in the daily life of their dress and dress style is not very hard, with comfortable leisure, but when he occasionally put on a crisp suit, well run storage moustache, we see not in "Harry Potter who plays the" but "mature and attractive actor Daniel · Radcliffe." His body he is no longer the little magician of range shift gay, which does not change our imagination to make his famous young childhood and great pressure together, also let people hard to accept he played other roles. In order to get rid of the "Harry Potter" aura, he actively try new interpretations, boldly challenged the role of many "loopholes" and the interpretation of the situation. In 2007, Daniel on the London stage debut "Equus". "相关的主题文章: