Having a child is a kind of aesthetic skill Look at Zhang Zilin and Liyan Tong’s mom 木村kaela

"Having a child" is a kind of aesthetic skill? See Zhang Zilin Liyan Tong’s freaky form lead: Recently, the entertainment is really happy, sugar does not come to the rhythm (daily Chiliang stuffed), including "the most beautiful pregnant mother Tang Wei annunciation gave birth to a lovely daughter, congratulations and a goddess" discharge "to join the freaky a! (source: ELLE) recalled "Beijing in Seattle" in the Allison, that time seems to have been pregnant. Knowing that Tang Wei will be very beautiful. Someone said her style, but often prefer makeup appearance, some people say her atmosphere but sometimes like the girl next door, feminine yet pure, and with full of love, family happiness, career success, a person, every character of life without regret. Advertising during pregnancy, and children are full of love. Although the figure looks swollen, but the behavior between elegant women no less. When pregnant photos draw a little makeup, the skin looks more delicate than before, pale lips through a tender. Earlier, Tang Wei put on loose clothes, almost can not see that this is a pregnant woman. Look, this is called "people get pregnant" (how can people be so good-looking? So, she is in the pregnant state, thin slender stature back to the absolute (the envy of prenatal be nothing difficult face ah)…… So, who said that the birth of children will be out of shape? In the entertainment circle freaky beauty mom is really too much, and weave also found that there are some stars during pregnancy was practicing "beautiful book", postpartum recovery fast does not say, even from the body to face more good-looking than children…… (view, good maintenance, "children" is a beautiful skill) Zhang Ziyi, she has too much aura, "Guo Jizhang", winner, won 13 trophies, but after the wake up, Zhang Ziyi micro-blog’s introduction in only four simple words: "wake up, mom". The first cover Zhang Ziyi comeback to ELLE magazine, a partial hair, simplicity and tenderness, from the arm to the waist can see the wake up mother postpartum recovery is very good. The weave love holding a wake up, on the cover of "sweet life" is the best interpretation, have found that the wake up Zhang Ziyi’s eyes began to have soft, with weakness, so we really love her. As an actor in the early time, Zhang Ziyi always felt his collarbone is very beautiful (attentive viewers will find that Zhang Ziyi in the film are often shot, now exposed clavicle) restore a good shape of clavicle is still very beautiful. Let the lens to test the various angles of the figure and appearance, just want to give full marks, not afraid of your pride. "If you smile with flowers". When Zhang Ziyi laughed, it was so beautiful! Still the slap in the face, pointed chin. Some people say: if the previous Zhang Ziyi more like "Jen", that Zhang Ziyi is now "two house". This is the transformation of a woman, for the family, for love has become better! After the birth of thin become beautiful skills get:~相关的主题文章: