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A guard man shed to save the car on fire continued   owners: do not require compensation — Anhui channel according to people.com.cn Hefei online news, 10 11 April at around 3, Hefei Bengbu Linquan road and new road junction victory Village District, a shed burst fire, the old man to shed save the car unfortunately died in the flames. After the accident, affecting the whole heart of Hefei people. Now, the distance events have occurred in the past two days, on some issues of concern, such as compensation, such as the cause of the accident, and the current situation, and conducted a visit. The burned vehicles were still piled up on the spot: the wreckage was still in good order. In October 13th, Hefei was light rain, and the weather was cooler. After a fire, the village of East victory village has now regained its former calm, and few people are seen in the area. In the area of the East, the old man dedicated resident place, shed is now in ruins, man has two dogs also disappeared. There was a lot of black water flowing on the ground after rain washing. Outside the shed also pulled cordon above a street "crackling" braving the lightning. The shed, the wreckage of non motor vehicles burned are lined up, "as long as the car stopped coming in, Yang Dabo will help the owners in order." The scene of a brother telling. According to many residential owners reflect that the accident has occurred for two days, these burned wreckage should also be evacuated. You smell, the surrounding shed there is intense burning smell, and the battery was burned will emit some toxic substances. Hope that the relevant departments as soon as possible to deal with." Residential industry manager said. Closed fire announcement compensation: owners said they do not claim it is understood that the fire, shed about more than 30 vehicles of non motor vehicles. The old man Yang Zhongdian in order to rescue vehicles, several times into the flames, and eventually fell in the shed door, never died. After the incident, the owners of the community also feel sad for the old man’s misfortune. On the vehicle the issue of compensation, the majority of small owners have said, "the old man to give up compensation, in order to save our car was killed, which means we let people pay." One Li eldest brother said. In addition, there are many owners said that the behavior of Yang Zhongdian elderly can apply for good people in Hefei, and even Chinese good people. He is conscientious in their work due diligence, adhere to 15 years, for the owners not to lose a car, when danger, is your own security, want to help everyone to reduce losses. At present, the specific reasons for the fire, the relevant departments are still under investigation. (Zhang Wai) (  commissioning editor Wu Xilu and Zhang Lei) 合肥一看守车棚老人为救车葬身火海续 众业主:不要求赔偿–安徽频道–人民网 据合肥在线消息,10月11日凌晨3点左右,合肥市临泉路与新蚌埠路交口胜利东村小区内,一个车棚突发大火,看守车棚的老人为了救车不幸葬身火海。该事故发生后,牵动了整个合肥人的心。如今,距离该事件发生已过去两天,就大家所关心的一些问题,比如赔偿、比如事故原因,以及现场目前的状况,又进行了一番探访。 被烧毁的车辆还在现场堆放着 现场:车辆残骸依然整齐排列着 10月13日,合肥下着小雨,天气较凉。胜利东村小区经过一场大火的侵袭,如今已恢复了往日的平静,小区内几乎见不到一个人。 在小区最东边,那位恪尽职守老大爷常住的地方,如今还是一片废墟,车棚外,老人养的两只狗狗也不见了踪影。经过雨水冲刷,地面上流淌着大片黑水。车棚外围还拉着警戒线,头顶上一个路灯“噼里啪啦”冒着电光。车棚内,被烧毁的非机动车的残骸整齐的排列着,“只要是停进来的车子,杨大伯都会帮业主们排列整齐。”现场一位老哥诉说着。 据小区不少业主反映,距离事故发生已有两天,这些被烧毁的残骸应该也要撤离了。“你闻闻,车棚周边还有浓烈的烧糊味,并且,电瓶被烧毁后也会散发一些有毒物质。希望有关部门尽快处理。”小区业主管先生说。 封闭火场公告 赔偿:业主们均表示不要求赔偿 据了解,失火时,车棚里大概有30多辆非机动车。杨忠典老人为了营救车辆,多次进入火海,最终倒在车棚大门处,永远离开了人世。事件发生后,小区的业主们也为老人的不幸感到悲伤。 在谈及车辆赔偿一事时,小区大多数业主均表示,放弃赔偿,“老人为了救我们的车子才遇难,我们哪还好意思再让人家赔偿呢。”一位李大哥说。 另外,还有不少业主表示,杨忠典老人的行为可以申请合肥好人,甚至中国好人。他在自己的工作岗位尽职尽责,15年的坚守,换得业主不丢一辆车,发生危险时,更是将自己的安全置之度外,一心想帮助大家减少损失。 目前,就火灾的具体原因,相关部门还在进一步调查中。(张崴)  (责编:吴西露、张磊)相关的主题文章: