High speed road is driverless car no one in front of the rear row of 4 people 法拉利599gto

High speed road now "unmanned" unmanned car front rear 4 people crowded – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Macheng on September 13th news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the evening of September 10th, the police station in routine wide high-speed Macheng toll, even have a "unmanned driving car". Do not think that is what high-tech cars, which is a common car, there is no driverless technology. And the four people inside the car are sitting in the back seat, before emptying no one, who is driving the car? Originally, the driver James is a driving license, just wanted to check from the cab to drill into the back seat, and there is evidence of a friend exchange position, Cheng did not want friends, not enough time to change to the cab, the police came to the present results, it really became "unmanned". In the end, the police on the driving license for driving a violation of the law severely criticized, and impose a fine of 2000 yuan penalty. With the car because of the car to the driver driving without a license, but also punishable by a fine of 2000 yuan. This joke can not be opened, or they are really a joke. When it comes to driving, we have to mention that the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, these two days of traffic throughout the country are blocked. More public security traffic management department and the high moral map jointly issued the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival travel forecast report shows: tomorrow afternoon 15:00~23:00 and September 17th 15:00~18:00 will usher in peak traffic. We should be prepared in advance, reasonable arrangements for travel time.相关的主题文章: