Hongkong operators during the national day of visiting the mainland delegation to reduce down housin winlinez

Hongkong operators during the national day of visiting the mainland group reduced Hotel Beijing September Beijing cut prices in 26, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, a group of Hongkong reception Mainland Travel Agency estimates that during the National Day this year, only more than and 200 mainland tour groups to visit Hong Kong last year fell 50%. The hotel industry representatives said, at present the hotel booking situation is generally slow last year, reduced demand, prices generally lower than 10% estimated this year. Vice chairman, Hongkong Association of travel agencies proprietor Hong Kong Global Director General Manager Yuan Xujiang said that the business from October last year has not yet been "gas", is the National Day golden week business will fall again, the daily reception of the mainland group less than 20 group. He said, over the same period last year, the daily 400 to 500 mainland visitors to Hong Kong, 2013 is as high as 800 to 1000 missions, estimated this year only more than and 200 delegation to Hong Kong last year fell 50%. On the other hand, Chen Juewei, chairman of Hong Kong Hotel Industry Association said that the hotel room reservation at present, slightly lower than the same period last year, and believe that mainland tourists late booking, believe that they will be at the beginning of the week by reservation. In order to reduce the current demand for hotel rooms, it is estimated that this year’s national day, hotel prices generally reduced by less than 10%, or even the hotel will launch preferential suction. He also said that in July this year, the number of mainland visitors recorded an increase, although slightly last month fell slightly, but I believe the future benefit from HKTB launched a series of large-scale activities, including Formula E, good wine? Festival, the hotel industry will have value in the second half of the year. Compared to the hotel, house prices than the people of the hotel situation is slightly better. Hongkong Tourism Hotel Association chairman Liu Gongcheng said that during the golden week this year, most of the hotel reservation, as early as the Mid Autumn Festival is "full", at least prices rose 10 to 20% higher than usual, the rest of the hotel room still believe, will continue to raise prices. He also described the recent hotel occupancy rate, Mid Autumn Festival holiday period also is "full", but the fear is only a "holiday effect", did not dare to assert Hongkong hotel business and even the local tourism industry will get along very well.相关的主题文章: