Hongkong two suites of stamp tax to 15% to prevent the property market bubble – unified market dynam-exit safe mode

Hongkong two suites of stamp tax to 15% to prevent the property market bubble – unified market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network?? in the mainland property market bubble squeeze hot city opening regulation, the government of Hongkong to the property market significantly warmer applied foam wall". In November 4th, the Hongkong SAR government announced that it would buy second sets of housing permanent residents of Hongkong unified levy of 15% stamp duty, effective from the date of 5, designed to combat speculation. Who pushed up the Hongkong property market warmer? Liang Zhenying, chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region (SAR), and the financial secretary, Mr Ceng Junhua, the Secretary for transport and housing, Mr. Li, the Secretary for development, Mr. Li, and so on, held a press conference on to announce the news in the press conference in on November 4th. This is the first time since February 2015, the Hongkong SAR government to enhance the stamp duty, in accordance with the new regulations, whether in the name of the individual or the company to buy second suites, are required to pay the stamp duty of 15%. Prior to the Hongkong permanent residents to buy second suites, the value in 3 million to 4 million between the Hong Kong dollar, at a rate of 4.5%; 4 million to HK $6 million at the rate of 6%; 6 million 720 thousand more than HK $7.5% to HK $20 million or above 8.5%. Since 8, since September, the Hongkong property market significantly warmer, a significant sign is Li Jiacheng to take. In September 14th, Cheung Kong real estate beat 17 consortium, to HK $1 billion 953 million won nine tin belly block, this is Li Jiacheng after a lapse of 4 years for the first time to get back to Hong kong. Prior to this, he has been selling property in Hongkong and Mainland China, and has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in Europe, especially in britain. ?? Data show that in September Hongkong housing turnover began to rebound, trading volume increased by 31% to 7929 cases, the total amount of HK $58 billion 400 million; over the past two months, Hongkong some of the traditional popular residential real estate in Hong Kong East Kornhill, Sha Tin District City one Shatin, New Territories West of the Tin Shui Wai Kingswood villas are a record high price case. Mainland buyers to Hong Kong is considered to be an important force to support the Hongkong property market upward. Hongkong SAR government data show that in September the Hongkong property market, a total of 250 non local Buyers transactions, reaching the highest value since the beginning of the month, which accounted for 31% of mainland buyers. At the same time, buyers stamp duty income of HK $506 million, higher than the average of the past 4 months, the average of $26%. ?? In order to prevent prices rising too fast and give priority to the protection of Hong Kong residents living needs, the Hongkong SAR government has been trying to curb the inflow of foreign capital through additional taxes, the market called "double spicy trick". Even in August 2015, Hongkong prices into the downstream channel, the initiative has not loose. But for the mainland to push into the property market in Hongkong, the Hongkong SAR government does not fully agree with. Chen Maobo, director of the Hongkong Development Bureau has issued a document in July, said there is no clear evidence that the property market in Hongkong has a direct relationship with this rebound, which believes that this part of the funds to promote the overall market is limited, accounting for less than 10%. A number of evidence also shows that the purchasing power of Hongkong residents to accelerate the market. The purpose of the "Hong Kong Hong Kong" policy is to ensure that the residents of Hongkong are given priority in the purchase of home ownership. The buyer must be a permanent resident of Hongkong;相关的主题文章: