How clean the kitchen is not afraid to do it smell Dafa truffe

How clean the kitchen is not afraid to do law smell?? in daily life, the family often encounter odor invasion, which is the focus of the kitchen and bathroom. If there is a smell of the kitchen will affect the taste and taste of food, thus affecting our health, so once the kitchen smell has to be handled in a timely manner. So, what are the ways to remove the smell of the kitchen? How to remove the smell of the kitchen? ?? The kitchen smell one reason: no water return bent?? appropriate countermeasures: plugging?? relatively high seven of the last century, in 80s the old multi storey housing at 3 meters, therefore, in the drainage pipe is provided with a water return bend, some of its shape in a side with some vertical S shape, S shape, because the special shape, usually there will be some water inside the pipe, can prevent the pipeline straight up smell. Now, most of the ordinary houses are 2.8 meters high, increasing the return of water will reduce the effective use of the house, so there is no return to the water in the new house on the water pipes. According to the relevant provisions, the owners can not modify the original drainage structure, so the decoration to choose with the water return bent trough, washbasin, bathtub, bathroom cabinet, toilet and has the effect of deodorization floor drain. ?? Some owners ignore this, or choose the product itself is defective, unable to form a seal (i.e. not water), which will cause the pipeline through channeling odor. In this regard, with a plastic bag in a small bag of sand, when no water plugging vegetable exports, can effectively alleviate the dull situation. ?? The kitchen has two reasons: the smell of damp moldy?? countermeasures: in addition to mold ventilation?? more kitchen and toilet pipes, if running water, Water Leakage and seepage, the owners also did not discover, easily lead to mildew storage or wall moisture, make indoor exudes a musty. ?? The solution is relatively simple, first clean mildew items, the indoor ventilation casual flavor can be. If the wall is damp moldy after odor, should first be damp moldy wall to eradicate, putty and paint. The smell of the kitchen?? three reasons: the pipe stuck?? countermeasures: timely and clear?? if you do not pay attention to drainage water tank, washbasin, bathtub, bathroom cabinet and floor drain mouth clean, make the dirt attached to the long drain drain caused by pollution and even pipeline blockage, also can make the kitchen out smell. ?? Dirt drain is relatively simple, but to clear the wall on the dirt is not so easy. Now a pipe cleaner of major building materials supermarket sales of dirt has dissolved corrosion effect, can play a very good cleaning effect. The smell of the kitchen?? four reasons: Mifengbuyan?? re sealing measures:?? in addition to the reasons mentioned above, the seal is one of the important reasons of lax is caused by the lack of interests in kitchen and bathroom. ?? Drainage system is not strictly sealed common are: water basins and the water seal is not strict, and the ground floor drain outlet seal is not strict, the toilet base and ground seal. ?? The solution is to sink and sink PVC tube is inserted into the floor drain, to seal with PVC glue; installation of floor drain, with white cement or grout filled gap, smooth floor drain and a floor drain between. If it’s a toilet.相关的主题文章: