How to buy custom wardrobe does not spend money wronged

How to buy custom closet not spend the money to buy the custom closet?? there are three ways: one is to directly buy a wardrobe, but often the wrong size; the two is to find a carpenter, but may exceed the standard formaldehyde; three is the custom wardrobe, beautiful design, environmental protection plate, is the preferred way to choose clothes cabinet. However, how to calculate the price of custom wardrobe, not by businessman pit? Well! Today’s theme is: price!?? Custom closet area projection algorithm?? 1, first of all, no matter how many partitions within the wardrobe pattern set;?? 2, please remember a formula: the closet wall projection area price = sheet price;?? 3, wardrobe manufacturers and now decoration companies generally use this way to charge, but most of them don’t wardrobe prescribed depth exceeds a certain size;?? 4, if too many partitions or deeper than is to add money, and the standard is not very uniform. So, before you have to ask how to calculate the price. ?? Custom closet area algorithm?? 1, second is a common calculation method: wardrobe all the boards of the total area of tile price = price * plate;?? 2, this way is good or money sheet, this price is transparent, according to family life habit determines the wardrobe the number of internal division;?? 3, but this calculation should pay attention to the back plate, whether fees and charges to.相关的主题文章: