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Sales Any .pany is only as good as its employees. This applies everywhere in your .pany, from your top executives to the people in the mailroom. Because your employees are vital to your business, you need the right staffing agency to make sure you get the right people on board. Whatever position you need to fill, there’s a staffing agency that can do it. Temporary staffing agencies can provide flexible staffing who will work as long as you need them tofrom a few days to a few months. Temp-to-hire agencies will send you temporary employees with the option of a full-time worker, if the relationship works out. Some agencies staff high-level executives; some specialize in a certain skill set, like graphic designers or .puter programmers; some concentrate on specific industries. Whatever your staffing needs are, here are a few questions to ask to ensure you’re hiring the right staffing firm for your .pany. Is the firm able to fill the position I’m looking for? Because many firms specialize these days, it’s important to know if the firm you’re considering can fill the position you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a very specialized employeesomeone with nursing skills, certain technical knowledge, or certain creative experience, for exampleit can sometimes be better to hire a firm that specializes in placing this type of employee. Specialized firms sometimes attract more highly qualified workers than general staffing firms. What are the firm’s pay rate and benefit packages? Because the employee is officially working for the staffing firm, it’s the firm who will be determining his or her wages and benefits. Make sure they offer good .pensation and benefits packages. The better their .pensation, the higher caliber of workers they’ll attract. Has the firm worked in my industry before? In general, it’s better to find a firm with experience staffing .panies like yours. Some staffing firms specialize in certain industries, and these firms may have a better understanding of what your .pany needs in its employees than a firm with a more general focus. Are they more focused on quality or quantity? Some staffing firms will spend time and effort narrowing down their candidates to find the perfect fit. Others will throw every qualified resume your way, in the hopes that one will stick. Most businesses prefer quality over quantity, depending on the position to be filledalthough some prefer lots of options. Talk to the staffing firms you’re considering and make sure their selection process works for your .pany. Can they provide references? Ask for referencespreferably in your industryand make sure you give them a call before you take the final step in hiring a staffing agency. An outside opinion from someone who’s worked with the agency before can make all the difference in your hiring decisions. How do they qualify applicants? Many staffing agencies will test their applicants to determine which skills they have. Make sure the tests they use do a thorough job of vetting prospective employees for the skills you’re looking for. How do they charge? Some agencies charge placement fees; others charge a certain percentage of the employee’s wages. For example, if you pay the staffing agency $15 per hour for the employee, the agency might take $7.50 per hour, and give $7.50 to the employee. Hiring the right staffing firm can make a big impact on your .panyit is not a decision to be made quickly. Don’t wait until your staffing needs are urgent to check out the agencies available before selecting one to work with. Give yourself some time and ask the right questions, and you’re sure to find the right staffing agency for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: