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Advertising Color brochure printing is one of the most sought after printing service today in the market. Being versatile materials that you can use in a variety of ways, brochures are effective in arousing audience interest as well as marketing your products and services plus increasing your brand awareness. How color brochure printing works Every printer works in the CMYK color space in order to provide you with a wide range of colors that you can use. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. These colors are then .bined together to for a different color. How these colors are .bined depends on the type of printing process used. Offset printing Through the offset printing process, plates are used to stamp CMYK inks together to create a particular hue. By varying the degrees in which these colors are stamped together, a different color is produced. Also, a plate is used as an outline so that the inks will not be out of place. Digital printing Digital printers use a different approach on how they .bine inks. They do not use plates and instead spray these inks on top of your substrates. That is why digital printing has a weaker ink and substrate bond. However, the advantage here is that you will not incur the cost of having a printing plate. Some tips on how to make your brochures more effective: Use color in different ways With full color printing, many people underestimate the uses of 2 color printing and even single color printing. You can even .bine full color printing with the different types of printing when you decide to. You can choose from 4:0 (full color front, blank back), 4:1 (full color front, black back), 4:2 (full color front, two color back),4:4 (full color front, full color back) color prints depending on the specific needs of your project. Another thing that most people overlook is the difference between normal black and rich black. Normal black is achieved through CMYK by using 0% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 0% Yellow and 100% Black. Rich black on the other hand can be achieved by .bining at least 250% Cyan, 25% Magenta, 25% Yellow and 100% Black. In normal circumstances, you can not see the difference between the two blacks. However the two black colors have unique features and uses. When the font or text in your design reaches 36 pts and above, normal black ink tends to be grayish in color rich black will still retain its color even at such a scale. The added values of cyan, magenta and yellow give rich black more depth and it retains it black characteristics. Normal black has its advantage when you want to print in small sizes as well as if you want to have heavily detailed designs. By using only a single color, you can avoid errors in printing since it is very hard to line u4 different colors accurately. When printing in small fonts, rich black colors will appear blurry and fuzzy. Vary the fold of your color brochure printing materials There are a lot of folds that you can use to expand the range and capability of your brochure design. Here are some of them: oBi fold oTri fold oZ fold oLetterfold oGate fold oAccordion fold oMultiple folds About the Author: 相关的主题文章: