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Arts-and-Entertainment Would you like to learn how you can sell a used car with low cost and free classified ads? You lose hundreds and thousands of dollars trading a used automobile. Classified ads are a low cost and effective method for selling your used car. You can search for other ways to sell your car, but they won’t be as easy as using classified ads. This is by far the easiest way to get rid of your used car and keep the money for yourself. Now if you want to trade it in and give hundreds or thousands of dollars to a car dealership, then by all means go ahead. If you work hard for your money like I do, then I re.mend placing a few ads and placing your money in your pocket where it belongs. Classified ads are a great advertising medium for anyone who needs to sell a used car. Most people don’t know how effective these low cost ads can be. Writing an ad that describes your car, can be as simple as listing features that you love about the car. With a little knowledge about your car, you can write an effective classified ad that will explain its real value. An automobile ad needs to begin with the year, make, and model of the car. To simplify this even more, here is an example: 1995 Ford Taurus Next, you can write down the color, mileage, interior features, luxury features, and maybe some electronic features that are added or unusual for such a car. After providing a good description of your car, it is good to include the condition of the car. If the car is in good condition be sure to include "good condition" or "like new" in the close of the ad. Now that you have provided a .plete description of the car, you should end your classified ad with your price, location, and contact information . Providing a .plete description of your car will make your ad more effective. By including the information that is described above, you will attract only people who are interested in the car you describe. A well written ad will answer all of the need to know questions, from a potential buyer. A good description will also eliminate unnecessary calls from people, who are calling to find out what the sale price is or what color it is. By including the price alone, you will eliminate several calls. Including the price in your ad will also let you know if the asking price is too high. If no one calls to inquire about the car after listing it in the classifieds, you might want to consider lowering the price. A listing price that is too high is the main reason cars won’t sell. The second reason your ad fails is because your ad may not cover an area that reaches enough people. If you know that your asking price is low, you might want to consider advertising in a larger newspaper or in several newspapers and advertising publications. Selling your car can be easy and fun. It will also put more money in your pocket book or wallet. When selling your car instead of trading, it is you who gets to keep the money, not the car dealership. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: