Huang Jingyu Book charity questioned speculation press certainly donations (video)

Huang Jingyu Book charity questioned speculation press: Huang Jingyu portrait of Huang Jingyu fans certainly donations break three million live bath last send welfare picture could not bear to look into Tencent entertainment news (the Zhou Chen) in August this year, Huang Jingyu in Cannes filming the first personal portrait "Zehai whale" available, because in the publicity photo for the so-called income will be used to public welfare undertakings, causing no small concern. However, a month later, on donation matters is no follow-up, some netizens questioned this is the name of the name of charity selling books. This Tencent entertainment exclusive connection portrait publisher Lev culture, the other responsible person said that the publication of the book is based on a certain period for settlement, his collaboration with Huang Jingyu "Zehai whale" is a quarter of a node, so donations may not come in after the settlement, the proceeds will be donated to the charity fund sunshine bazaar during the program, these are very early released". For the network in question, Lev said the person in charge will be filed a lawsuit against deliberate disinformation and discredit the users, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. At the same time, he also said that if all of these business income, but we will not say anything, but do a good thing instead of being questioned, quite helpless." According to the reporter learned that the evening Lev culture will further issue a statement on the matter, Tencent entertainment will continue to focus on the matter.相关的主题文章: