Hunan advocates clean Festival, the Provincial Education Department issued the ten ban

Hunan advocate honest holidays the Provincial Education Department issued a "ban" (original title: clean the holidays, the Provincial Education Department issued a "ban") newspaper 9 14 April – Mid Autumn Day is approaching, to clean the holidays, the Provincial Department of Education recently released "on the job during the mid autumn day correcting" 4 wind "special supervision and inspection work notice", requiring all colleges and universities, directly under the unit organization during the festival to carry out rectification of "four wind" special supervision and inspection. The "Circular" announced the Provincial Department of education "ten prohibitions", including non hall and units directly under the party and government organs directly in charge of personnel, finance and engineering projects; prohibit accepting illegal gifts, securities, payment vouchers and commercial prepaid cards and other belongings; non-compliance to schools, teaching staff and other service objects and apportion charge; non violation of intervention and meddling in the subordinate units, personnel recruitment, enrollment, professional titles, project review and so on; non payment of allowances, subsidies and bonuses in violation of the provisions; or prohibited paid labor in the subordinate units and society association, etc.. (Sanxiang reporter Huang Jing)

湖南提倡廉洁过节 省教育厅发布“十条禁令”(原标题:廉洁过节,省教育厅发布“十条禁令”)本报9月14日讯 中秋国庆将至,为廉洁过节,湖南省教育厅近日发布《关于做好中秋国庆期间纠正“四风”专项监督检查工作的通知》,要求各高校、各直属单位在节日期间组织开展纠“四风”专项监督检查。《通知》公布了省教育厅“十条禁令”,包括严禁厅委机关及直属单位党政正职直接分管干部人事、财务和工程项目;严禁违规收受礼金、有价证券、支付凭证和商业预付卡等财物;严禁违规向学校、教职工和其他服务对象摊派和收费;严禁违反规定干预和插手下级单位人事任免、招聘录用、招生录取、职称评聘、项目评审等工作;严禁违反规定发放津贴、补贴和奖金;严禁在下属单位及协会、学会等领取报酬或劳务费等。(三湘都市报 记者 黄京)相关的主题文章: