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In addition to a small target to buy new energy vehicles, you must know that these two days Wang Jianlin fire, the previous headlines are the National People’s husband, the two days of his father also PA screen, the father and son have a fight. As Wang Jianlin said, "the goal of man is a little bit bigger, and the feeling is a little bigger." In reality, most of us can earn 100 million of the small target heart set are not like the king boss, in addition to the same fancy and poor mouth million users, we still talk about in front of the 3 million.   see the title, we will certainly feel very strange. Nani? Is small make up to send 3 million? How is it possible that this baby where to come so much money. The truth is like this. "First you can get a little red for example I will send it 3 million", so heroic words not I airily, but BYD said this. Really want to send 3 million? What the hell is going on? Have a long list of similar problems, whether you mind well, not guessing, immediately announced to everyone.   sweep code can grab 3 million red?     according to BYD Beijing area responsible person, in September 3rd, BYD will hold the new energy Car Buying season joy in Lafayette Castle e will be purchased, its three star model E5 300, E6 400, Qin EV300 will bring unprecedented concessions, and 300 new energy ecosystem tour packages, Hao Li hands. All kinds of home appliances in dozens of large and small gifts for you. Rococo style castle romantic restaurant, comfortable, 5000 square meters of lawn open, superior performance experience star models, exploring new energy technology can participate in black, BYD charity foundation & SF Charitable Foundation jointly launched the "one desk" activities, a force for the public. Rich and colorful activities, the real benefits to consumers. Scan code and enjoy preferential, the main venue of the 3 million Haoli snatch, can also get 2888 yuan coupons Car Buying (valid for 1 years), at the same time, the 12 store experience in Beijing area will send millions of high ceremony, where only 3 million so simple.   these are not just gimmicks?   I believe there are a lot of small partners are concerned, this will not just a gimmick manufacturers? Do not worry, the same small series as consumers, we have explored the actual situation. In July, BYD also made a similar event, the harvest of nearly 500 orders, people’s eyes are sharp and sharp, if not pass the brand hard power, and really the discount available to consumers, how can the same day there are so many people at the same time Car Buying. The BYD group purchase of this year will be a preferential largest benefits most, to participate in the activities of the benefits in hand, perhaps also witnessed the scene of thousands of BYD breaking sales miracle, miss this village not this shop. Next year subsidies down 20%, then do not buy more when. And then we will talk about BYD’s participation in the activities of the models, brand and product strength is obvious to all, when.相关的主题文章: