In addition to the central inspection, there are 12 batches of inspection teams to the provinces (li

In addition to the central inspection, as well as the 12 batch of inspection teams to the provinces (list) original title: central inspection, as well as the 12 batch of inspection teams to the provinces under the author | buildings this year 5 to June, the safety committee of the State Council sent 8 inspection teams, respectively on the 8 provincial government to conduct safety inspections. In recent days, inspection group in succession feedback inspection, relentless criticism. The leaders said, as if the very careful to do a good job of production safety awareness. The current round of inspections were fruitful, found all kinds of problems 1122, reported the masses of information 1410. From the beginning of September, the Commission will continue to Shandong, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Henan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jilin and other provinces to carry out inspections. Security Committee eighth inspection teams in Yunnan after the inspection and inspection of mine inspectors (check), inspectors (check) as well as inspections. Central take the lead, all departments have moved up. Chang’an Avenue governor APP statistics, in addition to the central inspection teams, at least 12 batch of central special inspectors this year (check) group has been or will be next to the provinces: 1, the National Security Committee of production safety inspection unit 2, Ministry of Environmental Protection Inspectorate in 3, the State Council to promote private investment in 4 countries, groups of inspectors to resolve the overcapacity in the special inspection 5, the "two systems" Interim Evaluation Steering Group 6, group 7, climate change tour inspection of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the central inspection teams 8 petition work joint Inspectorate 9, the central office of the reform Inspectorate in 10, the implementation of the central United Front on a major decision to deploy the research group 11, double check the construction of demonstration base 12, the State Council special inspection group the general office of the Ministry of land and resources, unified registration of immovable property in the special inspection group, the State Council third large inspection will start. According to the schedule, the State Council will be sent in September 18th 20 inspection teams to the region and the relevant departments of the State Council to carry out on-site supervision. In the last year, the State Council praised the 20 cities (state), the 20 counties (cities, districts), the implementation of the "free supervision". These inspectors (check) group, inspection team specifications are very high, the leader of the ministerial leadership. The State Council inspection team as an example, Council deputy secretary general Jiang Xiaojuan, Ding Xiangyang, Jiang Zelin, Minister of water resources Chen Lei, Xu Shaoshi development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance minister Lou Jiwei, Minister of land and resources Jiang Daming, auditor general Liu Jiayi, director of Customs director of Guangzhou and the State Administration of Taxation, Wang Jun had personally featuring the head full of components. For local and departmental inspectors (check), the central inspection standards: to attend the local Party meetings, social acceptance report, on-site supervision, the relevant local government leaders and individual talk, extensive discussion exchange, access to archives are the main means to carry out the work. It is said that some inspection teams will according to clues, sent unannounced visits. Some groups to the ministries of supervision, in accordance with the "1 + 3 + 1" mode, to listen to the 1 departments, 3 cadres of different levels held a forum, held the 1 plenary meeting, and arrange for someone to check, look at the documents all day long. From 8 in the morning to start unscrolling ministries, at noon without a break, the Department at 5 pm, the inspection teams are still busy. Central inspection results, we are very clear. Many central departments follow this approach, and so on相关的主题文章: