In Nancheng downtown center, found the quiet lake garden – and

In Nancheng downtown center, found the quiet Lakeside Garden – Sohu is to eat and drink here, may pass ten times will miss has not been willing to recommend to you for fear of disturbing this rare quiet "in a corner of the lake, ultra quiet Nancheng garden" in the library next to you the square, hidden in a super quiet garden, quiet and low-key to a lot of people pass by ten times, are likely to be missed. In Nancheng District, did not think there is such a place, come in to automatically open the disturbance mode, can put aside the city hustle and bustle of a quiet romantic dinner. In the evening after six is the atmosphere is warming, the sky was dark, accompanied by the sound of water, in the flickering candlelight, waving red wine, quietly a port. Decoration can not be said to be high on the grid, but the warm light, quiet environment. About the goddess touch a cup, saw steak. Although not trendy dishes, but it is rare in the city of orthodox western style. "Once the dish into the dessert, a complete dinner should have a sense of ritual you? – opening appetizer soup & traditional Western-style food, never to go straight, always need a little warm-up. Do not need to be forced to make the ingredients, fresh and comfortable enough vegetables. Pastry seafood soup, dinner is the opening ceremony. Can dip to eat soup, can also be a pastry soup. The best solution in 15 minutes, in order to ensure the taste. Into the play – dinner cellar burning Angus, goddess of food with the words of Niu Xiaoba, be sure to feed her. Here are 250g 500g, most of the steak and 1000g three grams of choice. One 250g is enough. Don’t look down upon this steak, every piece of steak only to build their own crypt burning. The crypt can guarantee 360 degree uniform thermal bounding steak, this is no way to achieve the electronic oven. But the temperature and maturity on the master hand grasp, this is probably a good steak on the table in front of the ceremony. General single, 15 minutes can be on stage. A piece of steak cooked to two degrees, even if the goddess is not love too, don’t worry. Everything is so natural and comfortable. Pit burn Angus thick cut denim bone here cowboy bone anti traditional non cross cut. Vertical cut cowboy bone wrapped more gravy, even with a piece of bone, taste is also very different in different cutting method. Chef, taste thick cut cowboy bone is the best 500g. If you are afraid of greasy, must really fly with card on the side, is not common, in many restaurants do not taste, but eat steak fresh artifact. If in front of the goddess cut too embarrassed, can call a clerk for help cut. Just shake the red wine glass and so on. Lakeview? Seafood pot new seafood pot day limited 10 pot, soup with lobster soup, plus several seafood boil up together, after the first sip soup. Personal experience is best to book in advance. Half Boston lobster, a large white shellfish, crabs, shrimp, squid, large Roche in Qingkou. Sell no 0相关的主题文章: