In November to achieve Ningzhenyang preferential transfer of Jiangsu bus travel week start (video)

In November to achieve Ningzhenyang preferential transfer of Modern Express News "Jiangsu bus travel week" (correspondent in the French army launched reporter Li Na) Nanjing will increase the proportion of public bike running, Ningzhenyang will implement preferential transfer in November at the end of 13th Five-Year, the province’s 100% rural bus full coverage…… Modern Express reporter today from the Provincial Department of transportation held a news conference was informed that this year’s " in Jiangsu; bus travel week " activities began in September 19th, the end of 25. During the event, the province will host a variety of bus travel week activities. Jiangsu people in the field of public travel will usher in a wave of good news. Modern Express reporter found that compared with previous years, to participate in " bus travel week " activities of the city to deploy more detailed, more abundant activities. Nanjing this year’s event will last for a month, starting in September 1st, to carry out green travel network selection, new energy vehicles, such as the promotion of free trial activities. September 22nd " no car day " on the same day, will also be held in four cities linkage green riding start, will be a month to play the game, to promote the activities of the constant temperature fermentation. Suzhou will be issued by rail transit experience coupons, primary and secondary school students to take education E cartoon free bus, rail travel, etc., to promote public choice of public transport, bicycle and other green means of transport travel. Huaian will launch 600 new energy buses during the event. Yangzhou City, the relevant leaders will be invited to take a ferry to Tourist Bus Line Dongguan Yangzhou Slender West Lake Simon etc.. The press conference, the relevant person in charge of the Nanjing public bicycle peak no car can borrow, people’s livelihood Ningzhenyang region, the province rural bus card transfer preferential development of public concern to do a detailed answer. The provincial transportation department deputy inspector, Department of Transportation Bureau Director Jiang Zhenxiong introduction, town and village bus rate, the opening rate is an important index of the modernization of the shared bus, all levels of government is the main development of city bus, the provincial finance the Yijiangdaibu form of support. Currently, there are 675 towns in the province opened the bus, the average daily passenger transport of 300 thousand passengers, the opening rate of 62%, covering the administrative villages, social benefits are very significant. In April this year, the provincial government issued the opinions on the promotion of sustainable development of the province’s town public transport, to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the town bus, has been fully affirmed by the Ministry of transport. Recently, the Provincial Department of transportation will also convene a special meeting to actively promote the development of the work of the town in the north of Jiangsu Province in the northern part of the town. In 2020 to the end of 13th Five-Year, the province will achieve full coverage of the town and village bus 100%. According to the traffic card issues of concern to ordinary people, he said, at present, Jiangsu has 41 National City and realizes the interconnection bus card, by the end of this year will achieve the interoperability of the 100 City, Shanghai and Jiangsu counties adjacent to the card will be by the end of this year. But people are more concerned about the adjacent counties, the interconnection between regions相关的主题文章: