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In the first three quarters of 2016, Quzhou residents’ income figures are dragging you down, and less than 2 months are over?. At the beginning of the year set the ambition now realize how much? Is income increased? According to the National Bureau of statistics Quzhou investigation team survey data show that the first three quarters, Quzhou urban residents per capita disposable income of $25561, an increase of 9%, the province’s total of second. The city and country income of urban residents among the city’s top two from the city counties (cities and districts) income situation, Kecheng district and Jiangshan City is higher than the level of income of urban residents, were 29114 yuan and 27997 yuan; low levels of income in Kaihua County was 21415 yuan, per capita income level is the highest level of 76.9%. The gap between the lowest and Kecheng District in Kaihua County, 7699 yuan. From the income growth, Changshan County, Qujiang district and Kaihua County ranked the top three, respectively, an increase of 9.4%, 9.3% and 9.3%; the growth rate of the lower Kecheng district and Longyou county increased by 8.8% and 8.9% respectively, in the city’s post column. Wage income growth faster statistical analysis, wage income is the main source of income of urban residents, accounting for 61% of per capita income. Favorable factors continue to increase since the three quarter, providing an important guarantee for wage income continued to grow steadily, the per capita wage income reached $17003, an increase of 12.5%, the contribution to revenue reached $82%. The per capita consumption expenditure of 15064 yuan, an increase of the province’s fastest behind the rapid growth in revenue, consumption tends to be active, the per capita living expenditure of urban residents in the first half of 15064 yuan, an increase of 7.7%, consumption growth ranks first in the province. From the perspective of the trend of life consumption, the consumption of food and living expenses is still the main sector of consumer spending. In addition to the rigidity of living expenses, more hot consumer market, the current in electronic communication products as the representative of the Internet consumption, automobile consumption, tourism consumption, cultural consumption is the main consumption growth potential, the survey data show that the first half of the traffic communication and education culture and entertainment are the consumption amount of 2220 yuan respectively, 1704 yuan, up 26.1% and 13.8%, in the first eight categories of consumption growth.相关的主题文章: