India army on the Chinese border and the U.S. military exercises claimed to be a coincidence mmc.exe

The India army in the Chinese border and the U.S. to engage in military exercises that claims to be "coincidence" – Sohu news according to the "India times" reported on September 11th, India and the United States Army in September 14th to 27 in India North Akande Bong Chyba UTA area held a joint military drill. This area is only more than and 100 km away from the border, India official sources said the exercise is not directed against china. According to India, the Guardian reported on September 12th, the exercise is the twelfth joint military exercises between the United States and India, the series of exercises, the contents of the drill is under the conditions of the mountain of counter-terrorism operations in the. The U.S. military official said in an interview with the newspaper: "exchange, cooperation, interaction is a new global rules, the military is the inevitable result of the perpendicular and horizontal". Reported that the United States will send 225 soldiers to participate in the exercise, there will be a corresponding number of soldiers in India military exercises. The exercise content is the first of the two armies are familiar with each other’s organizational structure, weapons and tactics, joint tactical coordination in practice in the next, final report, simulated combat exercises to fight against terrorists in the form. Due to the military exercises near the Sino Indian border location, causing a lot of speculation outside. India official sources stressed that the joint military exercise is not directed against China, just the region is suitable for military exercises. China is an important trading partner of India and the United States, and we hope to cooperate with china." Since the beginning of this year, the United States and India have made rapid progress in military cooperation. In August 29th, the two countries signed a share based on military bases "logistics" exchange memorandum of agreement, including the agreement to open up its military bases to provide fuel, repair parts and other military supplies etc.. The exercise will be the first joint military exercise after the agreement. According to Reuters analysis, the United States and India signed the agreement, the U.S. Air Force and the navy in India will be much easier to implement counter-terrorism missions. "The United States currently has no real military bases in India, which will allow it to easily use the India military base." The analysis also believes that the United States and India this agreement is designed to combat the growing power of the Chinese Navy, the defense relationship between the two countries has a milestone significance. However, India’s defense ministry official said in an interview with the media, India and the United States to strengthen cooperation in military cooperation, should not be interpreted as a joint confrontation with the United States, China threat intensified. However, although the United States and India regularly held meetings and joint military training, but the two countries are not allies in the formal sense. During the cold war, the India government carried out the non aligned policy, but maintained close ties with the Soviet Union, while the United States supported India’s main rival, Pakistan. Analysts believe that the slow historical adjustment is emerging. On the one hand, the United States and India have expressed concern about China’s peaceful rise, and the relationship between the United States and Pakistan in the 15 year war in Afghanistan gradually deteriorated. At the same time, Pakistan has become China’s largest arms exporter, and the United States has replaced Russia as India’s largest source of arms. India’s latest series of actions has also raised concerns in china. Three months ago.相关的主题文章: