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India "Silicon Valley" Bangalore riots Oracle the impact of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant photograph: visual Chinese India "Silicon Valley" in Bangalore because of the water shortage problem of mass protests erupted in the local Oracle Corp building directly by the protester, local high-tech enterprises have closed. Things seem to be more than just water. "India today" website reported on 19 September, a 22 year old local girl, only to 100 rupees (about 10 yuan) and a dish of India Chicken Rice (biryani), they torched 42 buses. India "Silicon Valley" in Bangalore by water riots reported that this girl named Bhagya, together in Bangalore local Girinagar live with their parents every day, odd jobs. She was charged with 10 other people in the evening of the attack on the bus parking lot, set fire to all vehicles in the evening of 12. The mother said that the day of the incident, she and several friends participated in the protest, and was promised 100 rupees and a plate of chicken rice. Police said, according to video surveillance and the incident at the time of the spectator mobile phone video, the group will also be part of the staff poured diesel, threatening to burn them. On the evening of 12, a group of protesters burned 42 buses in the arid Beijing riots in September 14 reported that the India science and technology city of Bangalore on 12 due to a local court ruling in a paper on the water into a riot. The persistent drought in the local case, the court for Southern Karnataka (Karnataka) the Cauvery River (Cauvery) part of the water transfer to neighbouring Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu), to ensure that the "high value" of the science and technology enterprise operation, causing a large number of peasant discontent. Red and yellow flag for the Karnataka state owned local people set fire to vehicles license plate hanging in Tamil Nadu to stop the riots, the police opened fire, killing at least 2 people were killed. According to the high-tech companies affected by the tiger sniffing network reported that in September 12th, the protesters like mob into the Oracle Corp building, set fire to these enterprises. There are 10 multinational companies in the building, including Amazon and Samsung, they immediately evacuated all the staff on the same day. A number of India and foreign science and technology enterprises have closed 13 local offices, indicating that employees stay at home. In addition, although not reported on twitter, apple and other companies directly affected, but Twitter has announced the closure of the development center in Bangalore, apple is India’s commerce minister accused of "not really in the development of India manufacturing industry". According to India’s business standard website 20 reported that Twitter due to poor earnings, closed the development center in Bangalore, resulting in the unemployment of 100 to 120 employees. Twitter said that this is a normal business decision, but with the quarter to achieve profitable growth, Twitter has 8 consecutive quarters of decline in profits. YAHOO also experienced a similar situation, they fell 8 profit相关的主题文章: