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Inside and outside the Skoda Yeti show hardcore off-road van " van " in the Beijing dialect is " ", " bearing strength; " meaning, refers to the appearance and behavior very well or become an independent school. The literary and artistic style, the technical fan and so on are often used to describe the person with this special temperament. In the car, a good car also has its own exclusive fan children". As Skoda’s line of high performance SUV, Yeti has strong atmospheric appearance, strong dynamic performance, Neiwaijianxiu, exudes a unique personality, "hardcore off-road style", the favorite of consumers. Personality appearance temperament with hardcore off-road consumer choice is increasingly rich, consumers are more interested in personality, fashion, taste things. Uphold the Skoda design wisdom brand hundred years, Yeti uses a large number of tough lines, three-dimensional surface outline line, are resolute appearance, create exclusive "hardcore off-road model", and fully meet the consumer pursuit of individuality. V type machine three-dimensional sculpture style cover collocation straight waterfall grille has a strong visual impact, shaping the solid line Yeti face shape; the roof part of the black design, with black wheels and black mirror, stylish atmosphere, unique personality, and the integration of A, B, C type, D column perfect. The formation of suspended roof fashion modeling; trapezoidal tail shape stereo full, the taillight design style double color collocation, two C type LED taillights design language reflects the band Skoda family, with echoes of daytime running lights style, lifting the vehicle class, bring the visual impact in the night with a myriad talents. When lit. It is worth mentioning that, Yeti is the standard dynamic full silver luggage rack with ultra wide angle panoramic sunroof, transparent skylight area is three times the ordinary roof, open area of 40% large than ordinary sunroof, creating a transparent space feeling, let the members can fully enjoy the sunshine, breathing the fresh air. In addition, Skoda Yeti also provides external spare wheel, in the fashion revealed a unique wild SUV. Control of the strong performance of great off-road experience Skoda Yeti "tough cross-country fan" from its inherent strong power and excellent performance, urban daily car or cross-country travel, can bring the passion of the driving experience for the crew. Skoda Yeti 1.6L, 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI three power options, collocation 5 speed manual gearbox, 7 speed DSG dry dual clutch gearbox with 6 speed DSG wet dual clutch gearbox, with strong power and excellent fuel economy. At the same time, Yeti is equipped with up to 14 functional modules of the ESP electronic stability system, covering the ABS anti lock braking system, ASR traction control system, HHC ramp auxiliary system, EBD electronic brake force distribution system, CBC curve control system, enhance the stability and safety of driving vehicles. On the suspension system, the Yeti uses the advanced front Mcpherson independent suspension, rear four link independent suspension.相关的主题文章: