IPhone 7! Apple releases 2000 yuan new wireless headset autobots

IPhone 7! Apple released 2000 yuan new wireless headset, earlier today, Apple has released new products, its appearance is very Sao gas, and it is the new version of RED Beats Pill+ speakers and Beats Solo3 wireless headset. No matter what the Apple says, iPhone 7 in killing 3.5mm headset interface, they spent a long time, after all, it can bring a lot of revenue, and accessories this piece of profit has been considerable. In addition to AirPods, apple is still building better wireless audio equipment for iPhone 7, such as today’s Solo3 wireless headset, the flagship young fashion people. It is reported that Beats Solo3 wireless headset priced at 299.95 U.S. dollars, equivalent to about 2050 yuan, Beats Pill+ speaker priced at 229.95 U.S. dollars, equivalent to about 1550 yuan, and some time ago, Apple also released a purple urBeats and Beats Solo 3 wireless headset. Also note that Apple has been (PRODUCT) RED charity partners, and launched a number of (PRODUCT) RED products, its revenue will be used for global AIDS and HIV research education. Editor in chief: Chen Qun (QT0001) author: snowflake

iPhone 7绝配!苹果发布2000元新无线耳机今天早些时候,苹果又发布了新品,其外形十分骚气,而它就是新的RED版Beats Pill+扬声器和Beats Solo3无线耳机。不管苹果有什么说辞,iPhone 7在干掉3.5mm耳机接口上,他们盘算了好久,毕竟这可以为其带来不少创收,而配件这块的利润一直都很可观。除了AirPods外,苹果还在为iPhone 7搭建更好无线音频装备,比如今天发布的Solo3无线耳机,主打年轻时尚人士。据悉,Beats Solo3无线耳机售价为299.95美元,折合人民币约2050元,Beats Pill+扬声器售价为229.95美元,折合人民币约1550元,而前段时间,苹果还发布了紫色的urBeats和Beats Solo 3无线耳机。还要注意的是,苹果一直是(PRODUCT)RED慈善的合作伙伴,并推出了很多款(PRODUCT)RED产品,其营收将用于全球范围内的艾滋病和HIV研究教育。责任编辑:陈群(QT0001)作者:雪花相关的主题文章: