Is big send audio propaganda agitate desperate resistance believe will win the war – Sohu news

IS big send audio propaganda: agitate desperate resistance believe will win the war – the Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in the UK sun micro Global Times special correspondent Feng Guochuan] "the Islamic Republic" (IS) leader Baghdadi 3 rare public audio file, encouraging IS militants desperate resistance, and claimed to have the confidence to win the war. At present, the Iraqi special forces have entered Mosul. CNN, 3, said that this period of about minutes of recording from the media branch of IS guidelines". "The glorious struggle is a thousand times more than the escape with shame." Recording of the call for Jihad, Jihad do not retreat." He also called for a suicide attack. Baghdad is also recording calls for Jihad attack Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He also ordered followers to travel to Libya, North Africa, if they could not travel to Syria or iraq. British "Guardian" said that although the audio can not be confirmed whether the protagonist of Baghdad, but extremist organizations did not question the authenticity of the recording experts. From the recording mentioned Turkey deployed military forces in the Turkish Iraqi border the content of judgment, the recording was recently completed. If all is true, then this will be his first public voice since December 2015. Rumours of his death have been circulating over the past year. If he were alive, he would probably have been hiding in the city of Mosul. Analysts said that if he was killed in the battle, which will mark the fall of IS, but also means that the battle will be extremely difficult. Recently, Turkey to combat the IS in Mosul, on the Iraqi border deployed tanks and artillery. In this regard, the opposition has been in the "battle of Mosul" 3 Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi warned Turkey not to provoke conflict, he stressed that Iraq does not want to fight against the Turkey, do not want a war with Turkey.相关的主题文章: