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Is the car over 600 off! Changan Mazda automobile repairer big secret – Sohu [] I think Sohu auto headlights, angkesaila and CX-5 these two models you should not unfamiliar? Sharp manipulation, streamline appearance, it seems that Mazda’s design has been so influential people. So, have you ever worried about these beautiful models behind, their quality? Quality control is not able to meet your expectations, after-sale protection is not in line with your standards? Today, this visit to the factory analysis, let me come to you, investigate the secret behind the Changan Mazda production line. The new Mazda CX-5 Mazda CX-5 in the compact SUV, the engine, gearbox, body and chassis full use of Chong Chi sky technology, is skyactiv under new production cars, has been made by Changan Mazda production. Mazda 3 angkesaila Mazda 3 angkesaila is Mazda’s a A-class sedan, angkesaila released in Japan at the end of June 2013, followed by Changan Mazda into domestic. Mazda3 Axela angkesaila is Mazda group for a new interpretation of Mazda3. A long horse made of angkesaila models, a collection of soul moving design, skyactiv and Mazda Wyatt associated systems and other intelligent technology. In fact, this is not so much a visit, but more in the high-level Q & A and the dialogue spent. As the site is not to take pictures, my camera and mobile phone are "paid" for safekeeping, so all the pictures are from the manufacturers for map production, but the shot is too small, so I simply talk about Changan Mazda is how to do quality control. May the theory of something more, "dry cargo" less, also hope the reader to. Changan Mazda factory is located in the hinterland of Jiangning Economic Zone, covering an area of 193 thousand and 500 square meters, with a total investment of RMB 5 billion 400 million, which was officially put into operation in 2007. The plant Seomang cuipingshan, East Kowloon lake, the traffic is very convenient, not far away from downtown, the geographical position is superior. At present, the factory production models with Mazda 2, Mazda 3 Aveo, angkesaila, CX-5. The main site of Mazda in Changan can be divided into four parts: stamping, welding, painting and assembly of 4 parts. Stamping workshop has two high-speed automatic stamping line, the use of the most advanced, the fastest way to change the mold. More than one stamping process, is the most efficient stamping production line. Flexible welding workshop has the most advanced automatic production line, can produce 8 kinds of collinear chassis models at the same time, the 138 robot realizes the main spell line automation rate is 100%, CNC positioning system of 34 stations in China in an absolutely leading position. Figure painting and assembly workshop I will not go, probably meaning is similar: the number of robots far beyond your imagination, basically can be solved through robot processing problems, Changan Mazda has avoided the workers’ participation. On the one hand, it ensures the consistency of quality, on the other hand, it also ensures the production efficiency and cost control of Changan Mazda products. So the male chat相关的主题文章: