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It has been focusing on health — health Qushi channel — original title: it has been focusing on "health Qushi three Volt has been suitable for Lin, sun." With the advent of Chushu solar term, also indicates that the hot weather will usher in relief. But after Chushu, the weather is still hot, hot hot autumn is still down. So after Chushu, health also should be "dampness". Backache, muscle weakness is dampness to blame many people especially love Xiasha said "lit", which related to the environment we live in. In the hot and humid climate under high temperature, damp and heat evil "powerful alliances", will lead to dampness heat evil, dampness heat evil will increase. At the same time, many people now unhealthy lifestyle, stay up all night and irregular life, diet, alcohol and tobacco, often eat greasy, fried barbecue, hypertrophy taste spicy food, these bad habits will lead to heat, causing moisture more than. So what is a wet weight? The most typical is the thick greasy tongue fur, loose stool sticky, poor appetite, eating feel swelling, drowsiness, spirit mind is not fresh, heavy, sluggish activity, joint aches etc.. How is the health of Qushi, priority among priorities. Try these methods for curing dampness in the South under the people, the commonly used method of Qushi diet, that is to say, can be appropriate to eat some foods such as dampness, coix seed, tuckahoe, yam, white lentils, beans, black beans, most people are edible. Basic beans are conducive to eliminating dampness, mung bean also combines with the heat under fire function, easy to get angry people can be appropriate to eat, and the spleen and stomach cold people to eat. At the same time, our common carp soup, Pueraria lentils, chicken feet, red bean barley soup Pork Ribs Soup etc., are both delicious recipe and dampness. In the course of dampness at the same time, don’t forget to have a strong stomach and spleen, because in order to better absorb nutrition. Living in the south of perennial moisture, spleen deficiency group, spleen class may be appropriate to eat diet, such as yam, lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, tangerine peel etc.. Moreover, in the spleen dampness at the same time, can be heat under fire. In the diet, may be appropriate to eat Qingrejiedu foods, such as kelp, mung bean, white gourd, gourd, bean pot together with mung bean sugar, white gourd soup with pork ribs and meat soup Yiren loofah is a good heat under fire dietotherapy. Anger is big person can also be appropriate to eat some bitter foods, such as bitter gourd, mustard, celery, bitter almond, Kuding tea, especially in bitter gourd, celery, worthy of recommendation. (reporter Hu Shirui) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: