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It stalls in Hong Kong hee Chaoshan beef Hot pot airborne hand cut beef with fresh weigh the word file is located in the city of Chaoshan beef Hot pot, Hong Kong 5 floor this winter, "Chaoshan beef Hot pot" has become a delicacy keywords Xi’an no doubt, greatly small "tide cow" Hot pot shop to sweeping gesture swept the place high streets and back lanes. A long queue. Has always been known for "fresh cattle overnight" "OK" file Hot pot Chaoshan beef in Xi’an in November 5th will be 5 Hong Kong City building officially opened, so that the hot Xi’an chowhound who feel the unique charm of Chaoshan beef Hot pot. Chaozhou lured fresh fresh beef Hot pot hand cut beef weigh gear featured Kawa Tani to three years old fine grass cattle, each cow weight is about 300kg, the edible part is only 40%, and it stalls conquer diners demanding is abnormal must choose the day of slaughter of fresh cattle beef guarantee from farm to table strictly controlled within 16 hours, in order to ensure fresh ingredients every day to sell only a cow stalls weigh each kind of beef are in limited supply for those relatively rare beef parts to arrive early can get to eat. Before the beef stalls in different parts of the kitchen’s file, you can see the restaurant’s desk stalls beef meat, fresh whole frame bone, part of a variety of beef cattle from different can clearly see more humidifier of uninterrupted work to ensure that every piece of beef in the dish before remain very fresh state. Beef bones soup is very delicious to eat beef Chaozhou Hot pot is a fresh, bovine bone breaking stew 8 hours of soup not add any other seasoning beef, retain the flavor, rinse before drink a bowl of delicious overflowing, qiangjinjiangu ages, and must be equipped with non Hot pot beef barbeque sauce is slightly sweet and fragrant barbecue sauce, fresh beef will not hide the taste. Dish of beef will be carefully marked, different parts of the name, the length of time is ShabuShabu mouth delicious, mouth precious. Fresh beef beef balls hit the hands of their own Q bomb juicy, delicious hand ushimaru super recommended, is rare on the market in Xi’an, fresh hand ushimaru, not only eat fresh meat, and a non general Q bomb and good taste, let a person forget to eat. "Clubbed to death demon’s name is also quite interesting. Beef offal oil unique taste OK chest file Chaoshan beef Hot pot opened in November 5th, and most recently awesome activities, to the shop can receive 58 yuan of fresh beef dinner coupons, free and unlimited. In addition, during the 11.5-11.27, spending 100 yuan to send 100 yuan cash coupon (above the audience can enjoy the dishes activities), so awesome benefits, must try. [file] Hot pot beef weigh Chaozhou address: Xi’an City Road seven Fengcheng Weiyang Xidi Hong Kong shopping center 5 floor, Tel: 029-86107724相关的主题文章: