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Jane Zhang in tears: his family will be processing and communication — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Jane Zhang in tears "his family will processing and communication" in October 9th, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke appeared Chengdu publicity, Feng Ke emotions like not affected, but Jane Zhang did not hold back the tears on the spot. Jane Zhang and mom need more communication. Within two days, a marriage, completely reversed. As the parties to the event, returned to Chengdu in October 9th to attend the promotional activities of Jane Zhang, has not yet opened the door to tears. In October 8th, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke broke the wedding will be held in Italy in November, two people responded to the fans happy, sweet blessing, but the morning of October 9th, Jane Zhang’s mother suddenly open handwritten letter, listing the prospective son-in-law Feng Ke all sorts of not, said against this marriage. Coincidentally, Jane Zhang returned to Chengdu yesterday to do publicity for the "Jane Zhang and friends" concert, strong appearance of her eyes are red, full of tears several times and even interrupt the speech of another party, Feng Ke also appeared on the scene. Jane Zhang and Feng Ke love in more than ten years, Jane Zhang also did not participate in the "Super Girls" before the two of them have been together, but has not publicly announced. Last year, Jane Zhang on tour Changsha Railway Station suddenly shouted Feng Ke: "I want to marry, they came to power!" Then the Chengdu Railway Station, Feng Ke holding a diamond ring on one knee. After that, the outside world has been concerned about two of the wedding. Surprisingly, when just came out in October 8th, two people will hold a wedding, only one day after Jane Zhang’s mother suddenly released an open letter, so that the marriage was caught in a storm. In a written letter of Jane Zhang’s mother, a mother once accused Feng Ke of cheating on Jane Zhang, Jane Zhang and swallowed her share of the company, that Feng Ke is not a daughter life of man, and opposed the marriage. And Feng Ke followed by micro-blog voice, Zhang’s mother questioned one response, and said: the property is common, will cherish the life of Jane Zhang." The scene yesterday afternoon in the campaign, Feng Ke as a representative of the organizers first took the floor, his mood does not seem to be an open letter, as in the past the calm, tells the origin and main content aspect concert. In the cheers of fans, wearing a gray dress Jane Zhang in the subsequent stage, reporters can clearly see her eyes red and swollen, but also did not speak, she had wept, Feng Ke immediately rushed to comfort. In the continuous and choked cry, Jane Zhang said: "no matter what the problem is, I can face, I have to face the infinite." After the conference, Jane Zhang again made micro-blog said: I’m not a fool, I have the direction I want…… I have a judgment because I have the confidence to deal with and communicate with my family." And last night, Feng Ke said: willing to transfer all the property to Jane Zhang. This is why to rattling from deeply attached to each other? Senior insiders "stars" a lot of people surprised why Jane Zhang on the eve of marriage and the mother, a sudden outbreak of conflicts so huge, but maybe the wedding is just a "tipping point". In the entertainment circle, star family and rattling example)相关的主题文章: