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Jianpiyangwei small cakes, designed specifically for baby! Sohu – mother tomorrow yam bean paste moon cake Mid Autumn Festival, people eat moon cakes at the baby want to eat there for the baby to eat healthy, low sugar, no additives, it must have a small moon cake ah! Happy mother tried a variety of ingredients and match the final selection of the Chinese yam and red bean designed a small cake for babies wow, I taste, taste and flavor are very good health food is none of yam spleen stomach, but personally homemade without additives must choose tiegun because of its less water do the moon cake will be sticky if the baby can work together to make the moon cake festival this year will have more significant recipe: yam, red bean sauce: a little sugar cooking method: steamed reference months: 12 months without difficulty: the difficulty that is suitable for food allergy baby. * * * 1 this time to try to make moon cakes for my baby, I tried a lot of ingredients. For example: for the skin of the sweet potato (sweet potato), taro, yam; and suitable for filling of red bean and red dates. PS: the final test results, more suitable for the skin of yam cakes, because relatively dry yam, taro and sweet potato and the water is too large. Red bean or jujube paste do fillings are also good, red sand is relatively not so sweet. 2 red dates to soak, soak out the dust from the epidermis. 3 yam peeled, cut into pieces. PS: a few other ingredients, I found it is not suitable to do moon cake, pro omitted. 4 the Chinese yam and red dates into the steamer steamed. It takes about 20 minutes. 5 yam cooked, remove. 6 press the spoon into mud. 7 in the treatment of the same time, the red bean and sand together. Red beans the best bubble ahead of a night, after cleaning, into the pressure cooker, add water. Red beans will be more absorbent, the need to add some more water, avoid paste pot. 8 use a pressure cooker to boil the red beans, I probably spent 60 minutes. After the 9 red beans cooked, with a screen filter, filter out the red bean skin. We must use a spoon repeatedly rolled in the screen above, try to make the red sand mud filter into the soup inside. 10 look, this is a good filter. Through the strainer filter into the bowl is red mud, and red bean skin in the strainer above, can be directly discarded. 11 the red sand mud to the pot, continue to boil, add sugar to time during this period, can taste the sweetness at any time to adjust. 12 the fire can not be too large, stirring constantly, avoid paste pot. Until the red bean sand has become very thick, hanging on the shovel is not easy to fall off the state of almost. 13 slightly cool, it can be used to make moon cake stuffing. 14 If you want to do Zaoni moon cake flavors, can take the No.相关的主题文章: