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Jilin Huadian Hongye, Acacia and year [eleven] – Red Tourism album Sohu most Acacia, which’s not pretend this season, with red maple leaf, most people look forward to coming back, and you enjoy with a leaf, with the love… So to hope, to wait a year. This year, only for a season, only for the day. In fact, love is not bitter, have a look forward to the day is sweet days… Jilin Huadian is a place worthy of Acacia leaves. Hongshi national Forest Park is located in Changbai Mountain at the foot of the Songhua River in Forest Park, opened 50 kilometers of observation on both sides of the road, a large area planted with red maple, birch forest, to the autumn of one day, will this 100 Valley Acacia lit a moment. Also called red maple, red maple leaf is because of changes in various tree species within the pigment in temperature and light conditions occur. With the gradual decline in chlorophyll content in autumn, the color of other pigments will gradually appear on the leaves, the leaves gradually appear red, orange, yellow, green and other colors. Maple is the summer green trees or shrubs, leaves with palm shape and symmetrical shape. There are monoecious maple trees, there are many varieties of dioecious. Usually palmately five crack, some varieties are three crack, but I see in Huadian is more than seven crack. The characteristics of Huadian red maple is dense and well-proportioned, can be appreciatd can also have big distance, face glowing red, but also embellished the enchanting charm birch forest. Jilin Hongshi national Forest Park with white stone and Hongshan two artificial lakes, two red maple fire, this boat is the most unique product maple leaf is the most beautiful appreciation, under the blue sky, red mountain, lake full of expectation. But I come a few days earlier, eyeful is still in hope, not red! To purgatory, maple leaf to experience autumn frost, and this god suddenly become gentle, has been reluctant to put on the cold earth, for people of the "reward Maple love" has become a "hurt", how I live up to people, thousands of empty for you go to a. People live in a world of flowers, enjoy a universe turn, Sun Moon Star shift. You and I, in the leaves in the Acacia! Red beauty, is the product of Mei and reward, see its inherent culture and humanity. Maple leaf will be life savings in a field force turned red when life is the end of the day, falling branches of the moment, is the last time flying life? Into Huadian, into a season; into a memory, but also into another. Leaves every year, the more dense acacia. With the Iraqis, go to Huadian, will not let you down. Author: facsims. WeChat shuying-916; WeChat QQ:1154429719; public number sy916-"相关的主题文章: