Jilin informed the number of four winds typical problems of village Party Secretary for the children winflash

Jilin informed the number of "four winds" typical problems of village Party Secretary for the children to do the wedding money – Beijing, Xinhua News Agency Changchun on 16 September, (reporter Duan Xu, Li Shuangxi) Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period often is the four winds rebound, multiple time periods, the minority party members and cadres to relax vigilance in the festive period. In order to ensure that the "two" the wind is fresh air, Jilin province discipline inspection organs at all levels focused on several typical problems. From January 2013 to March 2015, Sun Fenggang, President of Jilin city Changyi district left town center hospital illegal payment of post allowance, communication allowance; from October 2015 to January 2016, Sun Fenggang has 3 times to use the bus for personal matters. Changyi Jilin District Commission for Discipline Inspection to give its party a serious warning, and the collection of relevant discipline. In April 2015, Dongliao county an Shuzhen Wulong Village Party branch secretary Zhang Fanghong as the son of the original wedding banquet, the village of village cadres and villagers about 50 people, more than 2 yuan of money. In addition, Zhang Fanghong and other disciplinary and criminal suspects. Liaoyuan City Commission for Discipline Inspection to give Zhang Fanghong expelled from the party, confiscated proceeds of discipline. Its alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law, was sentenced to 1 years probation for 1 years. In 2013, the Tonghua City Vocational Education Center Party Secretary, President Zhu Shijiang as vice president of Education Center presided over the work period, the contractor for the subordinate enterprises Honda accord sedan for their personal use to the vocational education center. 2014 to 2016, Zhu Shijiang received 68000 yuan in cash from subordinates. 2015 to 2016, Zhu Shijiang members of the team for the violation of the traffic subsidy 95 thousand yuan. Tonghua City Commission for Discipline Inspection expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment, alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law. In July 15, 2016, Meihekou City, a town agricultural technology extension station Lu Shengmin as the son of Lu Moumou accepting illegal entrance feast for the town, 11 staff gifts totaling 2 thousand and 400 yuan, 15 village cadres accepting gifts 2 thousand and 600 yuan, adverse effects on the community. Meihekou City Commission for Discipline Inspection to give the party a serious warning, ordered to return illegal receipt of gifts. April 30, 2016, deputy director of the forestry office and court Li Yanfeng to Wangqing County civil ruling for the parties of the machine, the bus driver units pull by friends to stay two nights in Wangqing County, and again in May 2016 2 by pull friends back in Helong city. Yanbian Discipline Inspection Commission to give its party warning. Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant responsible person pointed out that at the Mid Autumn Festival, national day and other important nodes, on the one hand, to adhere to Zhuazao catch small, on the other hand, check erroneous ideas at the outset, leading cadres should set an example, to awaken the sense of responsibility, to stimulate the spirit of play, to ensure that the provisions of the spirit of the central eight air plant.相关的主题文章: