Ji’nan, Shandong, 30 thousand girls were telecommunications fraud, the other successful taunt you id acbel

Ji’nan, Shandong, 30 thousand girls were telecommunications fraud, the other successful taunt you idiot, I’m a liar. Hello, you are a fool!" There is a college student telecommunications fraud pit! August 24th, seniors light (a pseudonym) to see the news of the sudden death of Xu Yuyu cheated. I regret, she never thought that on the same day, fraud Gang played medical insurance bureau, Public Security Bureau, the Banking Bureau and other multi identity, with rain of gold, suspected of money laundering in the name of defrauding Medicare, from her hand cheated 27930 yuan, of which the rain and the students tuition fees and living expenses. 4 days later, when the rain call liar phone want to get a fair, the other side was actually arrogant to say, I’m a liar. Hello, you are a fool!" Light rain transfer records show that the day she borrowed 20 thousand to cheat. Qilu Evening News in the morning she was sorry for Xu Yuyu rain (a pseudonym) 22 years old this year, is a university in Ji’nan, a fourth grade students, excellent results, she intends to apply for graduate students in Peking University. The whole summer vacation, she only stayed at home for a few days, the rest of the time are in the school room. The early morning of August 24th, the rain saw about Xu Yuyu cheated death reports from the Internet, she felt sorry for the death of Xu Yuyu, the abhorrence of telecommunications fraud. She did not expect on this day, she also fell into the trap of telecommunications fraud. Morning "medical insurance bureau" call set about 9:30 in the morning, is the study of she received an unknown number of calls, each claiming to be the Ji’nan City Health Bureau, said that the day of May 20th rain with identity cards in Shanghai to do a Medicare card, by falsifying records, out of a hospital in Shanghai City, 19870 yuan insurance gold. The other said, the hospital has been hit by the rain in Shanghai Industrial Bank card. Hearing the news, the first reaction is that rain has never been to Shanghai, there is no industrial bank card. "The first idea was to call the police." Light rain. Unexpectedly, the other side also gave the alarm proposal, and asked whether the rain will alarm, enthusiastic to teach her how to say. Subsequently, the other party claiming to help light transfer Shanghai City Public Security Bureau telephone. A few beep sound, a man picked up the phone, said he was in Shanghai City, Minhang District Public Security Bureau captain liu. In order to make sure the rain, Liu captain suggested rain first through 114 to verify the Public Security Bureau of the phone. The rain then call the 021114 directory, Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Minhang District, the telephone number is 34074800. Light rain just hung up the phone, Liu captain on the phone call over, the number of calls on the rain phone shows 99932134074800, with her through the number of the number of 114 to check the full agreement of the 8. As for the prefix, Captain Liu explained that it is a specific office number. Liar claimed to turn away after the eight thousand light rain, Liu said the captain needs to check. After a while he said he did find a cheat Medicare payments, but also found a case of suspected money laundering. Liu said the captain, the court needs to freeze the bank card of light rain, then ask the bank which has a rain card. Rain said he only two cards, such as Bank of china. "You transfer all the money to the bank card of the Bank of China, 4603." The other party then accurately said!相关的主题文章: