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Just on the first grade on the weariness of leaving Harbin experts on life daily news September 21st   depression; recently, 28 year old actor Qiao Renliang died Dutch act, let the depression again into public view. With the development of society, depression is no longer a "patent" for adults, the mental illness has quietly sneaked into children and adolescents. Reporter recently learned from the Harbin hospital, the hospital pediatric admissions of patients, each 50 is three or four depression in children, the youngest only 7 years old. The expert reminds, children’s depression is concealed is not easy to diagnosis, when the child has persistent depression, loss of appetite, lack of curiosity, indifferent, weight loss and other symptoms, parents should take children medical treatment as soon as possible. Love "curtilage" total discipline also picky eaters hit classmate Yangyang (a pseudonym) 7 years old this year, this is not just on the primary school a few days on the accident, said what does not go to school, once even away from home, but fortunately was back in time. Yangyang mom told the doctor, Yangyang sensitive character introverted, do not love with small kids, you love a person at home, usually slightly dissatisfied with shouting, "he always picky, you see him more thin!" School a few days, Yangyang mother was the teacher, please to the school, the original ocean does not obey discipline, always talking in the classroom, engage in small action, the class also hit the students. Yangyang mother really no problem analysis where, with the ocean to the Harbin hospital pediatric clinic, found Yangyang suffering from depression. In this regard, Harbin pediatric hospital director Lieqin Ji said that the origin of child depression in many aspects: first, genetic factors can not be ignored, the family has a history of depression, a higher risk of children suffering from depression. Secondly, the family factor is also one of the important factors leading to depression in children and adolescents, parents often quarrel, over indulgence or harsh children can lead to illness. In addition, children and adults will also face the same pressure, this pressure may come from students, teachers and students, the disharmony between parents and so on. Very anxious love insomnia often broke things crying 12 year old boy Mingyuan (a pseudonym) arrived in the consulting room of small stature, face pale, dull eyes. According to Ming Yuan mom said, Ming far from sensitive oversuspicious, people say he is always listening in the corner, the school can not concentrate in class, her classmates thought he was said about him, and later to the insomnia, restless, often breaking things crying. At the hospital, Ming was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with depression. After a period of treatment, his insomnia depression symptoms have been significantly alleviated. Director Ji Lieqin told reporters, the children’s depression is more subtle and is hard to be diagnosed, confused easily with ADHD, such as the inattention, mental irritability, irritability and other symptoms of depression in children with the former have, but also have some special symptoms such as persistent depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, indifferent to things weight loss, fatigue, weakness, if the child more than two weeks in the above situation, parents must take their child medical treatment. How to prevent childhood depression? 1, resistant.相关的主题文章: