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KD like eyebrows on court, do anything can easily become the scoring –   sports Sohu; Beijing on October 29th news, reporting from ESPN, although the pelican in the new season opener lost the Nuggets, but star Anthony – Davies’s amazing performance, he scored 50 points. In the opinion of the warriors superstar Kevin Durant, eyebrows this season can easily become the league in scoring. Today the team will visit the pelican. Before the game, KD will focus on the eyebrows. Since the 2012 landing NBA, the 23 year old eyebrows would show a high talent. As the four regular season scoring, KD admits that the eyebrows in the new season opener scored 50 points surprised. "It’s very difficult to really defend him," said Durant. "You can’t stop him. His first step may be the fastest I’ve ever seen, especially in his position. He is tall, long arms, capable of shooting and dribbling, and throw three points — so he can do anything." "He (Davies) may easily lead the league this year…… 50 points for him is a good game, "KD said," I watched the highlights of his game, so we have to be ready to defend him." The new season opener in 50 points, eyebrows played 41 minutes also grabbed 16 rebounds, 5 assists and 7 steals and 4 blocks. "Regardless of the outcome, no one love by the opponent scored 50 points, two regular season MVP Stephen curry said in the shot after the end of the training," so you have to do everything possible to limit on the defensive end Davies. He’s a talented guy, he’s a team player." As everyone knows, the Warriors is an attacking team who played the run. In order to overcome the eyebrows, the Warriors must attack. "I think against a running team is the best way to run, play with them, so we’ll do it tonight," said the eyebrows. In addition, the warriors coach Steve Cole will meet his former assistant coach, currently serving as the team of Alvin – Gentry in the pelican. (Jim)相关的主题文章: