King glory S5 6 new models of skin exposure is not listed on the skin w32dasm

King glory S5 skin exposure 6 models are not on the list of new skin summary [Abstract] king glory update frequency is faster and faster, in addition to a fixed version of the monthly update, the small version of the update is also very frequent. Today Xiaobian give you some dry cargo, some content is not heard before. S5 will give the sun god of victory [] S4 will end in October, but the S5 will have the sun [God of victory] as a reward for the skin. Two new heroes: Guiguzi and Pang Tong had exposed many new heroes, such as Na Zha, Yang Yuhuan, Yang Jian, Zhu Geliang and so on, nu wa. There are two never been exposed: Guiguzi and pangtong. Where is Sun Bin and the master Guiguzi Gagne, so it’s likely to be an auxiliary hero; Pang Tong looked like a mage. Six new skin in addition to more recent speculation big miss [End] there are six mecha, skin have to go, to see what we have. Diao Chan’s peerless dancer, the United States and the United States! Yu Ji Farewell to My Concubine with Yu Ji same Xiang Yu Liu Bei and Li Yuanfang de gun kings spy Mulan legend of the blade, the handsome!相关的主题文章: