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Know how to choose? Insiders tell you what can not buy a house to buy a house is a major event in life, many of my friends and I are from the working class, a house hundreds of thousands or millions, may spend all our savings, even from the back decades of debt. So choose a good room for us is particularly important. Then the house which houses should not buy it? Next Xiaobian for you one by one. House prices rose too much for example: property buyers tend to think of the potential appreciation of the property surrounding the king. But in fact, many of the most expensive land surrounding real estate or a big house is up out of the. Similarly, property buyers do not buy a house because of inflation factors, it is easy to set. Property buyers to buy a house before the event if the price of the property must be taken into account. Frequent quality problems if the house is always a commodity quality problem, do you dare to buy? So is the house. Property buyers to spend more than half of the savings to buy a house, who can stand? Especially some exposure of the real estate, property buyers can not see the problem, otherwise some window seepage, wall cracks may make you miserable. The transfer of the project is the city some developers want to package the project as a whole transfer, pumping away. For property buyers, the developers can not buy real estate, or property can not be guaranteed, the problem is not to find people. The developers of the brand is a powerful guarantee for the quality of housing, property buyers to have a careful understanding of the developers, not greed cheap shangliaozeichuan. The land formerly bad house some of the land formerly known as chemical plant, the cemetery property would you like to buy? Those chemical plant pollution, even transformed into commercial housing, the region’s air, groundwater, vegetables, fruits, etc. have also been chemical waste gas pollution, the occupants of the body and mind is certainly unfavorable. Is the predecessor of the cemetery house, how many have a relationship with Feng Shui, the key is to look at the mentality of buyers. Small property right of state regulations, small property can not open the transfer, mortgage, if the demolition, can not be compensated according to law, the property rights situation has many problems, buyers need to bear the enormous risks. If property buyers interested in the purchase of small property room, you need to do a good job at the same time to meet the risk, the proceeds of preparation. Suburban building developers in order to reduce the cost of commercial housing construction, low-cost land on the outskirts of the city development of commercial housing, the housing funds shortage of residents, this should be a good choice, but because the individual developers project development is not standardized, and the management is not in place, the community environment is poor, a serious lack of facilities, traffic is extremely inconvenience, but through false advertising, under the banner of "cheap guise deceive buyers, this" low price ", the" cheap ", property buyers should not pick up. Today, the housing prices are too high, property buyers in this period should remain rational. I’ve seen a lot of friends bought a house either, even some people pay a deposit, developers do not see, that buying a house is prone to tragedy, so buyers have to choose. (Miller home show)相关的主题文章: