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Travel-and-Leisure Enjoy the thrill. Are you an adventurous traveler? Explore new destinations. Choose adventure like Trekking, Wildlife, jumping, climbing. .e India on Adventure Tour have adventure holiday of a lifetime. Some of the Adventure Destinations in India Darjeeling, Manali, Rishikesh, Arunachal, Billing, Gulmarg, Zanskar etc. or Travel to Rajasthan Desert on a Camel Safari and track tigers in the jungle do elephant safari in India. Some of the specialized adventure travel packages mentioned below are some of the adventure travel packages that are specialized in adventure tours in India. These tours have been made keeping in mind, what kind of adventure tours or outdoor activity a tourist seeks. Each of these tour packages is full of fun and adventures. Beside the packages you can also avail the exclusive offers and discounts that are offered with the travel packages by the travel agent. For all ages and abilities outdoor adventure holidays. Climbing up a Himalayan peak or rafting down a snow-fed river feel the thrill. Or go to Rajasthan Desert on a Camel safari and track tigers in the jungle. On an elephant safari in India. Also enjoy water sports, paragliding, skiing, trekking, and more. Car rental services make it easy to travel to the best tourist destination in India. Some close encounters have some close encounters within the wild. Trekking is an unf.ettable experience in India. Have some close encounters within the wilds. Bird watching, Animal Safari, Wildlife Safari, Animal Safari, Forest Trails etc., enjoy Weekend Camping, Family Camping, Wild Camps, and Winter Camping. Cycling and Biking .or go for Mountaineering Tours. His adventure will gift you memories to last a lifetime. Trekking is a major part of Jammu-Kashmir’s adventure sports. Or enjoy Tiger Trail Wildlife tour, White Water Rafting Tour or take the challenge of the daunting, turbulent rivers. Mountain Biking. Choose correct adventure tour package as per adventure activity of your choice and have unexpected thrilling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: