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"Know the potential? DENZA Teng potential technology public class" ShangHai Railway Station in November 8, 2016, Shanghai – today, the second section "potential – DENZA Teng potential technology public class" smoothly began in the East Jie Teng potential Shanghai LSHM dealers shop, DENZA Teng potential electronics R & D department manager Huang Wei, High German Senior Engineer Bruno Motzet explained proton potential of electric vehicles in the battery safety, high pressure system and electromagnetic safety and other aspects of the content, and the scene of the media friends on the new energy automotive batteries and electromagnetic safety topics in-depth exchanges and discussions. Teng is China’s first pure electric vehicle is being developed, but also the first in Germany outside the German scratch the first R & D products, is committed to building China’s best electric vehicles. Electricity is the main power of electric vehicles, the battery is also one of its core components, battery safety involves the overall safety of electric vehicles. With the continuous development of battery technology, electric vehicles are more and more recognized by more and more people, at the same time, the problem of battery safety has attracted the attention of consumers. Battery safety according to the proton potential of high voltage electronic electrical appliances R & D department manager Huang Wei introduced the battery safety Teng potential pure electric vehicle battery monomer battery module and battery safety, safety system and safety, with the highest safety standards for the design and manufacturing of chemical safety and ensure structural safety of battery. Unlike some electric vehicles, Teng potential battery monomer specifically for the development of electric vehicles. In order to ensure the safety of the maximum, Teng potential of each battery monomer to be tested separately, and then the entire system testing, and is not protected by the framework of the "bare test". In the test process, Teng potential battery through a variety of battery acupuncture, extrusion and even fire and other test items, to ensure the safety of the battery pack in the case of short circuit caused by the accident. In addition, Teng potential research and development team to provide protection for the aluminum alloy frame structure after a series of optimization, including collision, simulation, structural design and so on. With the support of Daimler simulation and crash safety tip technology, Teng is tested in accordance with C-NCAP’s collision standard and has been awarded five-star results. At the same time to meet the security needs, from BYD’s leading battery technology allows the battery to provide a long span of 400 km long mileage, fully meet the needs of the owners of daily use. The design life of the battery is the same as that of the whole vehicle, and the battery capacity of at least 2000 full filled electric cycles is still over 80%. In accordance with a full charge can run 400 kilometers, Teng potential battery life can be completed at least up to 800 thousand km of driving. Until you go to the car scrapped, Teng potential battery life without fear, Huang Wei said. Similarly, he said that the choice of lithium iron phosphate battery as a potential power battery is also because of its chemical characteristics more secure and stable. High pressure system Quanteng potential German senior engineer Bruno Motzet first explained on the high voltage for the harm and the principle of human body. He believes that in addition to battery safety design, the use of electric vehicles, such as high-voltage components, batteries, motors, electrical.相关的主题文章: