Kung Fu World town project in Ding’an a total investment of 12 billion yuan kamikaze love

"Kung Fu World town" project in a total investment of 12 billion yuan Ding 4 reporter learned from Ding’an County Government, the project "the first phase of investment China Wushu cultural industry fund global Kung Fu town located in Dingan, which will become the national martial arts and entertainment media, training and performance in the heart, and will further build a world-class Kung Fu Culture Center," Kung Fu World town "project is to be located in the town of Tan Lam Ding’an County set on both sides of the river, with a size of 1500 acres, a total investment of about 12 billion yuan. Project will be completed by the end of this year planning and design, next year comprehensive construction, the first phase of the project schedule for 18 to 20 months. Project to creative communication West Kung Fu culture as the theme, the integration of martial arts, entertainment, media, health and tourism elements, divided into martial arts, culture, film and television production, occupation education, health and leisure five plates and functional areas, including the base, National Wushu Sanda training center of global city, kung fu movies, Kung Fu World City the cultural center, a school of martial arts fighting off space and National Martial Arts Center campus of six major facilities. According to reports, the "global Kungfu town" is completed, is expected to bring more than 2 high-end cultural and creative industry professionals, more than 10 high-end sports in the health resort population and more than 400 cultural tourism groups, will form the development of production integration of the city core competitiveness in the local, to further promote the Hainan global tourism construction.

“环球功夫小镇”项目落户定安 总投资120亿元   记者4日从定安县政府获悉,中国武术文化产业基金首期投资项目“环球功夫小镇”落户定安,建成后将成为国家级武术与娱乐传媒、培训及表演中心,并将进一步打造成世界级功夫文化中心,“环球功夫小镇”项目拟选址于定安县定城镇潭榄河两岸,计划用地规模1500亩,总投资约120亿元。项目将于今年年底完成规划设计,明年全面建设,首期工程计划工期为18至20个月。   项目以传播东西方功夫文化创意为主题,整合武术、娱乐、传媒、养生及旅游元素,划分为武术运动、文化创意、影视制作、职业教育、养生休闲五大板块及功能区域,其中包括国家武术散打训练中心基地、环球功夫城、功夫电影城、世界搏击文化中心、武术创客空间和国家武术学院中心校区六大重点设施。   据介绍,“环球功夫小镇”建成后,预计会带来2万余高端文化创意产业人才、10万余中高端运动养生度假人口和400余万文化旅游人群,将在当地形成产城融合发展核心竞争力,进一步推动海南全域旅游建设。相关的主题文章: