Laneige The Temptation Shirley-ca1834

Beauty Check Point Step 1 the orbital and pink colored pearl eye shadow. Step 2 central painted light purple, dark purple eye tail then cover. Step 3 to be printed on pulp rouge cream, beat the Precious Design Powder Refill Dingzhuang. Step 4 Finally, evenly coated with bright red lipstick. a. Mystic Veil Foundation SPF33 PA + + unique Snow Crystal Powder, outside help to refraction of light, so that makeup is more see-clear bright color. ($ 280) b. Mystic Veil Blusher was pasty texture, easy to create a natural healthy color Pink started falling. ($ 230) c. Mystic Veil Eye Palette of shadow boxes filled with mesmerizing images of snow the night, a little girl roaming the poetic love. ($ 240) d. Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick soft silky smooth texture, color and sleek durable. (Each $ 190) from theSouth Korean cosmetic brand LANEIGE, whose real name is French, meaning "snow", so only use brand advertising Western model offered, all have a fair .plexion bright face, and the "achievement Xue-beautiful skin" concept into the products. 2010 autumn and winter make-up series, the brand as the "Snow" chose this topic, then do not focus on the snow, but on the Danish get guest artists Wendy Plovmand friendship, things to put on makeup like Shirley mystery. Text: moe Figure: Chen Tiegang Shuiyang touch a romantic style The romantic story of a love poem from the start with. Danish poet Emil Aarestrup in the Psalms "P? Browser is Sneen" (English translation of "In The Snow"), you will crush loved one’s emotions, through the roses, veil, dress, romantic castles and filled the snow and other elements out of use of text interpretation, after a century are still stirring. Stories continue to 2010, Danish artist Wendy Plovmand deeply moved and inspired by the same will be .bined with the brand image of the poem’s charm achievements Xue-the concept of beautiful skin, illusion and pen illustrations, created a limited edition of Mystic Veil series. 4 new snow the night for the packaging are the main silhouette, yet full of grace graceful girls breath, especially those pink / purple .bination of four-color eye shadow to teach girls the most affected by fall, winter can easily create a romantic style makeup. In addition, the brand was first introduced in the foundation cream, Apparently, thick, in fact, a little more to the formula of Ceramide Repair Water, greatly enhanced the foundation’s Shuiyang touch, a durable stickers will help make makeup services, and also introduced a rich ruby color cream lipstick and cream rouge, makeup for the whole cast burst of healthy red color. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: