Hardware Are you planning to purchase a computer then think once again for your decision? Because today scenario is changing computer market is rapidly replacing with laptops (notebooks).In 1986 battery powered portable computers had 2% worldwide market share. But in 2008 more laptops were sold than desktops in USA. Earlier laptops were in niche market product and were used only by those people who generally used to work during travelling or in meetings or some professionals like photographers. Now laptops are popular among all segments like businessmen, students, home worker, teachers and sales of laptops is increasing drastically per year because of its various unique features like portability, battery power, low weight and compatibility with latest technology. When you purchase a laptop then there should be some points in your mind while comparing different brands like processor type, storage capacity, screen size, wireless connectivity, pricing and you should not forget to check the standard and version of additional features which varies to different brands like web cam, modem, infrared, card reader, Bluetooth, graphic card. There are so many big players in the market which provide laptops and services related to it. And as its popularity is increasing, competition is becoming stronger among these companies. Two brands HP and Sony are among the most popular brands in notebook market. In 2001 to compete with its competitors, hp had a merger with Compaq (originally American personal computer Company).And from that time it is able to provide affordable and faster laptops. These two brands offer different values to its customers and have good market capitalization; hp laptops are more famous for its cost effective and durability. Earlier battery back up of hp laptops was not good as compare to other brands But now they provide some attractive models with extra features and good battery back up in their premium range. The typical price range of hp laptops varies between $ 700 to 1400. Now days, HP pavilion series is quite popular in the market it provides you powerful graphics performance, data reliability and all which you want in a laptop.. Recently HP launched one model Hp pavilion dv2 which is 1 inch thin and 1.64 kg. Sony is other player which generally does not offer its laptop range in low price but have a good brand name in quality market. You will find many models in Sony laptops which are durable and strong and also quite popular for their neat design and performance. Price range of Sony laptops varies between $1200 to 2500. Earlier Sony was not concerned for the segment which prefers the low cost notebook but recently they have directed towards cost concerned customers and launched its VAIO N series which is available in $900 and it has almost all features as other models like core due processor ,dual layer DVD burner, link port and Express card slot. There are other players also in the market like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and Toshiba .So now when you go in market to buy a laptop then there is no need to confuse for various brands just identify your needs and check above mentioned features to have a best option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: