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Meditation Learning how to astral travel is not all that hard, but it will take some practice to get any good at it. A basic point is to look at the Huna concept that Life is only a dream – so all dreams are as real as the waking one we all devote much of our time to. Underlying that concept it yet another – that we actually dream all the time. When you day-dream, you’re really accessing an always-on facility which is normally shut out. It’s always present, actually, and is related to inspiration and intuition. The more you use these three abilities, you’ll get better at controlling and utilizing them. A more basic point is in a Huna principle that "There are no limits." In this, we can see that we are each connected to each other, all the time, and regardless of apparent difference in space. No real differences between us, except what we consider to be there. Of course, its convenient in our modern day and age to agree with the concept that there is distance and space. We like being individuals, after all and if we were all one, then we wouldnt get as much entertainment value out of the world we live in. Life wouldnt be all that interesting. Taking up this concept as practice, you might find that you can quickly know what is going on at any "location" on the globe simply by tuning your mind to that spot. And getting to that point may well require that you improve the amount of personal peace you have. This is simply done by releasing the various emotions, feelings, and desires you may still have. All of these are keeping you separate from others around you. You’ll also need to drop any fear of dying or need to remain a distinct individual. Once you simply are able to share the apparent world others create (much as the one you create for yourself), then the idea of traveling or projecting to any particular spot on this planet or in this universe is simple. You are no longer limited to that degree. You can try this easy practice exercise: sitting .fortably and relaxed, let go of any and all stresses you may be experiencing. Then consider some plant or pet or object which you love or have great admiration for. Imagine that you can get the view from that object or pet or plant. It’s that easy. Now it’s key that you relax .pletely and let go of all stress – just not to the point you fall asleep or out of that chair. And practice daily to get good at this. As you do, you’ll find that the idea of what is happening in that particular area will get stronger and more certain. You want to share the viewpoint. Obviously, anything you can do to increase your own native empathy will also increase this talent to remote view or project. The idea is to share the space that the object, plant, or pet has – without wanting to change is in any way. Recognizing the perfection or rightness of that viewpoint is key. These points make it simpler to share that viewpoint. And you could simply find that your life changes radically for the better. You may find you have incredible peace and understanding of this surrounding world. Sure, what a great side-effect! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: