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Li Chen leads the public game exposes to Fan Bingbing Bikram Yoga heat halo Sohu Li Chen leading the public entertainment game (click photos)   Sohu entertainment news (Morizuki Wenxuan – shadow figure far-gloria video) the morning of September 24th, the 2016 Kohler family run the Beijing Railway Station in Beijing Olympic Forest Park Lin PEAK run, "big black" Li Chen following the lead ShangHai Railway Station again in Beijing, the family run public fitness events lead. After the game, Li Chencai admitted that he had not slept until three the night before, at half past six, for fear of being late for the traffic jam, only slept for about three hours. However, he is already very familiar with this event, Li Chen told reporters that the game is divided into ten km and five km two different rank match, five km mainly focus on family interaction, in addition to running and taking pictures, rings and other entertainment projects, and ten km race of the players is to select the winners, the United States to participate in the marathon. Although only three hours of sleep, Li Chen also regret he is still in good out of a bandbox, too busy too little time, not the relative concentration of the time used for fitness, so he had to fill in the home fitness equipment, often in the middle of the night home run, sometimes landing home has eleven two o’clock, or to wash my face. Go to sleep. Declared himself "not love" Fan Bingbing under the influence of Li Chen often together with him to participate in fitness project in the program, but also will accompany Mrs. Li Chen admit her love of Yoga together: "I followed her to do yoga, but inside it is faint, because of the high temperature yoga. The temperature will do difficult stretch, I was lying." Busy as Li Chen a day activities, he is eager for a long vacation, hoping to turn off the mobile phone, and spend more time with my family. Nevertheless, Li Chen was a workaholic and filming the show, also recently went to a reality show that crosstalk. He confessed to Yue Yunpeng, sun Yuexue many comic knowledge, has grown into a "straight man" role. Although it is not my business, Li Chen learning or comic often with every rhythm, in the Sun Yue, steal two side, he hopes his basic skills continue to grow, one day can become the main speaker". In addition, because Li Chen and Zhang Yi starred in the drama "Goodfellas" will be launched recently, Li Chen of this drama is also feeling quite striking one snag after another. From 02 years of filming to the release of the 06 year, he felt waiting too long. But for Lan Xiaolong at the helm was confident, blue dragons are popular with young people like director, he believes that he and Zhang Yi CP "Goodfellas" will be composed of everyone’s favorite to win.相关的主题文章: