Li Feng independent brands can no longer rely on sales to win the quality is the biggest support crycry

Li Feng: independent brands can no longer rely on quality to win sales is the biggest support in September 24th, to · the strength of faith as the theme of the brand 2016TTA ceremony held in Beijing. From Geely, brilliance, Chery, BAIC, JAC and other nearly 30 independent brand executives, as well as dozens of industry and media guests gathered together to witness the highest honor of independent brands, but also for the independent brand development advice and suggestions. At the peak of the dialogue session, President of Beiqi shares (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) president and CEO Li Feng and Geely Automobile Group "from the topic of sales power to brand power what will break a few barriers of sharing ideas, Li Feng (micro-blog), two traditional factors (low cost and high efficiency four) and a new drive (Chinese understand market, Gao Yan, quality, intelligence) contributed to the independent brand in nearly two years of rapid development, but the overall sales this year China brand is expected to reach 10 million scale. In Li Feng’s view, the future Chinese to become a global manufacturing powerhouse, is not without a car, but also can not leave the car, now the independent brand has successfully exceeded 100 thousand yuan ceiling, in addition to the number of winning, but also need to rely on quality to support. The following is the speech record: Li Feng: Thank you very much for the Tencent, TTA is third, it is difficult to have continuous media do specialized activities for independent brands, in fact, now I come to participate in the activities is very little, but the Tencent TTA, from Yanan to start the first every time I attend. How do we power from the car to the brand power, this road is very difficult to endure the heart to fight a protracted war, from now until the end of 90s has been 15 years. This 15 year go down, kankankeke, twists and turns, there are a lot of hardships, hard work and process inside. We feel that this decade is like An Conghui (click to view the latest news of the characters), said Ann always, is the accumulation of a lot of precipitation. The most typical is the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog), we see the overall strength of the independent brand has been greatly improved, but also to see a lot of competitive models and competitive prices. Not only is a two in force, but four or five or even the seven or eight together in force. From the Guangzhou auto show to less than two years today, the share of independent brands increased by 6 points, up to today’s 42%. This year the amount of independent brands can reach almost 10 million, in which we are also thinking about what kind of reason, so that China’s own brand suddenly produced such a big change. I think it may be 2+4 for one reason, two traditional factors, the four new drivers. Two traditional factors is that we speak of independent brands, one is its low cost, second is high efficiency. Compared to the joint venture, these two are the most traditional competitive factors in the past. Now has several elements, I think there are several Tencent awards to four new elements is the first China most independent brand Chinese understand the change of automobile market, so in this round of Chinese consumption structure change, is SUV as the second car, as the second round.相关的主题文章: