Lianyungang, a 16 year old high school students after a dispute with his mother hiding room cut neck

Lianyungang, a 16 year old high school students after a dispute with his mother hiding room cut neck Dutch act Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Wang Xiaoyu ceramics) recently, a high school in Lianyungang City, Donghai County town boys because of a dispute with the mother, even holding a weapon to cut your neck to neck cut in the Dutch act, after the boys had locked himself the house, the police received a local police station in a master lock’s help, in time to open the door, the injured boy rushed to hospital for medical treatment, at present, the boys have been out of danger. It is understood that a few days ago, Donghai County Public Security Bureau police station received a public alarm Tao Lin said: the town of a district people Dutch act, after receiving the alarm, the police immediately organized the police to, arrived at the scene found the household living room on the ground there is a large pool of blood. After understanding, the party is a 16 year old high school student, because of the dispute with his mother, beaten by his mother, using a sharp weapon to scratch his neck, and then locked himself in the room, the situation is very urgent. The police at the door trying to communicate with the boys, with the door open, but has not heard the response, because the parties understand that the neck injury, may be life-threatening, the police repeatedly tried to tread the door open, but the anti-theft door too strong, can not break. Unable to open the door, the police managed to find a local lock master rushed to the scene, then dispose of the police on the one hand with the lock master lock expansion work, on the other hand, arrange for someone to climb to the boys room outside the window from the balcony of the door, across the window to observe the boy trends, and try to communicate, distract. After a few minutes of effort, the door was opened, the police immediately rushed into the room with people, to take protective measures of the boys. Found that the boy’s neck injury is still bleeding outward, the police immediately drove them to hospital for treatment. After an urgent suture of the wound, the doctor said the injured boy was not life-threatening. The boys mother took the hand of the police cried and said: "thank you, if you are not the police promptly, my child might not." Police comfort and warned the family to be strict care, more attention should be paid to the way of education, and then assured to leave the scene.

连云港一16岁高中生与母亲争执后 躲房间割脖自杀   现代快报讯(记者 王晓宇 通讯员 微晶)近日,连云港市东海县桃林镇一名高中男生因与母亲发生争执,竟然持利器割自己脖子试图自杀,在将脖子割开后,该男生又将自己反锁屋内,接到报警的当地派出所民警在一位开锁师傅的帮助下,及时将房门打开,将受伤的男生送往医院进行救治,目前,该男生已经脱离危险。   据了解,几天前,东海县公安局桃林派出所接群众报警求助称:桃林镇某小区有人自杀,接到报警后,民警立即组织警力前往,到达现场后发现该住户客厅地面有一大滩血迹。   经了解,当事人是一名16岁的高中生,因与其母亲发生争执,被母亲殴打后,用利器将自己脖子划伤,随后将自己反锁在房间内,情况非常紧急。民警在门外试图与该男生沟通,规劝其将房门打开,却一直没有听到回应,因了解到当事人脖子受伤,可能会危及生命,民警多次尝试欲将房门踹开,无奈防盗门过于牢固,根本无法破门。   见无法打开房门,民警又设法找到当地一位开锁师傅赶到现场,随后,处置民警一方面配合开锁师傅展开开锁工作,另一方面安排人从隔壁住户的阳台爬越至该男生房间窗外,隔着防盗窗观察男生动向,并尝试与其交流,分散其注意力。经过几分钟的努力,房门终被打开,民警立即带人冲进房间,对该男生采取保护性措施。发现该男生脖子上的伤还在向外流血,民警立即开车将其送往医院救治。   经过对伤口的紧急缝合处理,医生表示受伤男生无生命危险。男生母亲拉着民警的手哭着说:“ 真是感谢你们啊,如果不是你们及时出警,我这孩子说不定就没了。” 民警安慰并告诫该家人要对其严加看护,更要注意教育方式,随后才放心离开现场。相关的主题文章: